Furry / fluffy crayfish! (claws and face)

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HI guys! I bought a "blue lobster" about 3 months ago. I think he is an Austrailian red claw. He has grown a lot in this time and is very active, fast, carrying pebbles around. He seems quite healthy, as far as I can tell! He was quite dull brown when I brought him home, now his colours are vibrant. Recently he grew tufts of off-white fur-like fuzz on the joints of his claws and on his face. Ive read of species that grow fuzz on their pincers to filter food from the water. Could this be something similar? Or something sinister? :-(

I'd really appreciate hearing whatever springs to mind- i'd hate to think he's suffering!

Tank is established two years; no ammonia or nitrites. weekly waterchanges.. sometimes two weeks. 20g. No medications used or water treatments as I'm lucky to have spring water. No problems in my other tanks.

Fellow inhabitants are two glo lite tetra.. formerly 3. Thanks to the crayfish! I intend to get three more tetra.


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Not knowing anything about crawfish (but I sure do want one XD), I'd say its prob'ly a fungus. Hopefully, that'll get you started...
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oh god. Thank you Akari. It would make sense as I can't find info on furry red claws.. Photo link above shows clearer detail. Also upside down

thanks. I best research what to do
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This is the only type with furry claws that I could find. Btw, your crayfish is beautiful!
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thank you Ladygodiva I'm so afraid for the little guy. Cant find much advice on the net. One mention of taking him out of water and dabbing him with hydrogen peroxide!!!

Sounds so extreme and dangerous.. I'm at a loss as it seems antI fungal treatments are dangerous and could kill him.
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The hydrogen peroxide treatment actually shouldn't be all that dangerous. It's a very mild thing to complex critters, but fatal to most simple organisms.

You could also work with Pimafix and/or Melafix, both of which are anti-microbial to one extent or another. Without being sure of if you're actually dealing with fungus or bacteria (in aquaria, we often confuse the two, because they can look similar), I can't tell you which would work better, but I don't think either of them is harmful to inverts. I know I've used it in a tank with shrimp, and I still have those shrimp.
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oh great! Thanks Sirdarksol! That's a relief! I think I will use Melafix and the hydrogen peroxide treatment. Not looking forward to picking him up..ow! Where woul I buy hydrogen peroxide? is that the same as the stuff used to bleach hair??
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Good morning,

Hopefully you can find Hydrogen Peroxide just about any where in your area.

Beautiful Crayfish! Best wishes.

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Not the peroxide you'd use on your hair. Get the medical stuff, like what Aquarist linked to. You should be able to find it at a pharmacy or anywhere you'd find things for caring for injuries.
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That "fur" is normal in my experience. Every crayfish I've had had it around the point on the face. A quick google search of s confirms that the fur on the claws is normal for your species. I would NOT do anything to remove it.

It also revealed the enormous size that this crayfish grows to......large enough to eat....

BTW, getting more tetras is a waste of money. Crayfish can easily catch tetras, and many other types of fish. In my experience, one type that they cannot catch is barbs. At least not the 4 species I've tried. That trend is likely to continue.
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hurray!!! thanks Jaysee!!! I was worried sick! Thank you so much! RE: tetras.. I know he would probably catch them eventually but I wouldnt mind. I know that may be somewhat contraversial but hey, each to their own. Funny you mentioned barbs; I actually ended up getting cherry barbs! And yep, they seem to be much more alert / aware of the crayfish's presence.. at least they steer well clear of him. Thanks for your advice concerning the fur. I'm happy to leave him be as long as he seems healthy. But it is a load off my mind.

Oh yeah! I meant to say I also read about the potential size being 8 - 10 inches long! Even though he is about half that now, it's obvious he is already too big for my tank. He loves climbing and exploring. I have to look into getting something bigger ASAP
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they are excellent escape artists, so make sure there is no where it can find an opening. I've found more than one on the kitchen floor
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thanks for the tip! I had heard that, so I put a big heavy book on top of the tank. Doesnt stop him trying though!
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That's a cool looking cray! I have a blue myself.

Next time turn the picture the right side up! Glad you got the issue solved.
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