Funny story


I was in the Pet store the other day and found a beautiful African Grey Parrot, he was still pretty young, I decided to see if I could scratch him, presuming it was a him... it must have been cos he really loved me, the shop owner even let him out and he was nibbling my ear and whispering sweet nothings in my ear, very cute, I immediately wanted him and put him back in his cage, called my husband over to see how friendly he was and my husband tried to scratch him... shame I still feel bad, the little parrot really didnt like my husband!!! he bit his poor finger so hard it bled. my husband thought it was an evil joke or something... until he saw me scratch him agian...


Oh how funnny!!!(sorry) My daughter has one of those and he is so cute. But he's particular who scratches him too.


That's funny! ;D African Greys are so awesome!


Yeah they are
I like amazons better though

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