Funny Pet Owner Stories

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  1. bettas&cories New Member Member

    Since I have quite a few animals I have a number of funny things happen to me. What are your stories? Here some of mine: I bought tongs for aquatic plants, but instead of for my plants it was to feed a mystery snail ( this tongs have been extremely useful btw). I had quite the conversation with a vitamin shoppe employee while buying spirulina and calcium to feed my snails. A grocery store employee laughed at my tiny zucchini I bought for my fish and inverts, little does she know the bell pepper is for my guinea pig and hamster, carrot for my fish and feeder crickets, broccoli for my hamster and lettuce for my guinea pig. Only sometimes do my animals share their veggies with me! I also carried feeder crickets with me once to a grocery store and another time in a comic store. The closest fish store to me( that just sell fish and aquarium supplies) is forty minutes away, but they had the platy I’d been wanting, so she made the forty minute trip home( she’s doing well too). I’d love to here more funny pet owner stories!

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  3. bettas&cories New Member Member

    Oh goodness :emoji_smile:, my dog would probably do that too, she loves wood!

  4. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    My dog ate spectacles and an e-reader.
  5. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    Whenever I have aquarium plants out and laying of the floor or table(during a bleach dip or rescaping), my cat will sneakily come up and steal them. She then goes a few paces away and tries to eat them. She particularly likes java ferns... at least she isn’t jumping in the tanks lol
  6. ValerieAdams Fishlore VIP Member

    My dog also tried to eat my rock cave
  7. jjohnwm Well Known Member Member

    My story involved a box of live rats (i.e. soon-to-be snake food) that chewed their way to freedom out of a transport box and escaped in the car as I drove down the highway towards home. I don't like rats. I like them even less when they are on the dashboard, in my lap, on my shoulder etc. as I am driving in traffic. I like them less still when they pee all over every surface in my brand-new company car, requiring a complete expensive detail-clean/de-odorization before my employer (a new car dealer) discovered my transgression.

    I still wonder if the eventual purchaser of that demonstrator vehicle might have changed his/her mind if the history of the thing were completely known...:)
  8. ASHLEY R COOK Well Known Member Member

    My cat knocked over my fish pellets this morning. .5mm pellets all over the basement. Cats love the smell of fish food. Probabaly bc it's made with fish!
  9. ValerieAdams Fishlore VIP Member

    My cats and dog like to eat any spilled fish food. I think they rather eat it than their own food lol
  10. Smalltownfishfriend Well Known Member Member

    A noodle dog apparently likes my chapstick.. she also stole the marshmallow fluff off the counter 3 times before I finally just gave her a spoonful...   
  11. ValerieAdams Fishlore VIP Member

    Harley has ate my chapstick before too
  12. Fishcat Well Known Member Member

    My cat decided to sleep in a small box on a tall bookcase. Fell off, with box, at 3:30 a.m. Cat is unhurt.
  13. Wraithen Well Known Member Member

    My dog gloats when he has things he thinks he shouldnt have. Luckily I dont mind him having an apple, but he does the same thing with any plastic thing. If you try to grab it from him he chomps it so Ive had to resort to pinning him upright against a wall so he drops it. He even refuses to trade for treats anymore. My dog is a jerk. 
  14. Rylan Well Known Member Member

    Speaking of cats, mine somehow how figured out how to open my sliding glass door, last summer, in my room and scared the life out of me, also at 3 am. That’s what I get for forgetting to lock it. Never again! Spent a while lying awake, heart racing, thinking about how glad I was it was only my cat, and also that cats are basically just tiny raptors.

    What is it about cats and 3am? “I HAVE to do this!!”

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  15. Canaculus Well Known Member Member

    This isn't necessarily a pet story, but it's funny (to me at least).

    Whilst buying pellets for my Dad's smoker, I lifted one of the bags to scan it. Little did I know that the bottom was slightly ripped. I lifted it up, *rip* pellets ALL over the floor (this is in the middle of Walmart BTW). As me and my Dad quickly tried to leave (from embarrassment) I hear a passing guys say "oh look, now we can have hamsters here!"

    I can't imagine the nightmare of the employees answering the question "how did this happen?" over and over and over again.
  16. CatieV New Member Member

    My cat (a large cat, lol) was sitting on the banister railing when she fell from the second story to the first, knocking down a plant on her way. Don't worry, she landed on all fours.
  17. candiedragon Well Known Member Member

    I have chickens around my house, some egglayers like Rhode Island Reds (RIR) and just simple junglefowls. I actually hatched a couple junglefowls and one sticks around to this day, I call her Baldilocks because she's got a bald spot on the back of her head from one of the RIR cornering her and beating the out of her for eating her food. Well, Baldilocks flies up on the back porch railing every once in a while to peak into the house and see if she can get some food out of us. If we come out, she will fly over onto our shoulder or arm, kinda like a hawk lol. Well, one day I didn't notice she was out there so I walked outside and she immediately flew onto my head and I freaked out. My dad was in tears laughing at me.

    I have a 55 with some angels, who obviously became pigs and basically rule the tank once they became of size. Everybody else is cautious when it comes to feeding time because of how voracious they can be when feeding. I took a gamble and got some really small Diamond Tetras, roughly 1/2", and put them in there to grow-out as I had intended for them to be a part of that final stocking anyway. Those little buggers were so gutsy, they would zoom in and snipe piece of food literally from angelfish. I thought it was the funniest thing ever. Needless to say, they got big quick and they're still not afraid to get in there to eat.

    Just the other day I was taking one of my dogs out for a walk. He's a 65lb. beefy Sharpei/APBT boy, but he's the sweetest thing ever that couldn't hurt a fly even if he tried. Still though... he's very strong. There was another lady coming my way walking her two small dogs, a Pom-Chi mix and a small Chihuahua. As expected, they got excited and were yipping and pulling towards us. So my dog got excited and started pulling towards them too, thinking they want to play. I'm trying to get out of the middle of the street. He finally stops, then projectile vomits right in front of the lady and her two dogs, and trots on as if nothing happened. I was pretty mortified.
  18. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    I have to give my lab 3 or 4 algae tabs to eat every time I feed the fish. They are NOMMY to her!
  19. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    Her lips look GREAT! Apparently the chapstick WORKED LOL!
  20. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    Love that FACE!