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Ok, I have a question for you! what is the most funny thing that one or more of your fish have done! My memory: a month before my fish Curious died, his brother George had a big flake in his mouth. Then Curious came over and stole the flake! And he ate the flake right infront of poor George! George started chasing Curious as to say : "HEY! that was mine! get your own!"


Two of my fish bit me (my Jag and Blood Parrot) at some point in time. They bit the hand that feeds them. They literally did the metaphor! No blood was drawn though, so all good.


I have three of my tanks beside each other on an old 8ft long woodworking bench. One of the tanks was a densely planted shrimp tank. One morning, the tank lights were off and I saw a weird shape in the shrimp tank. I dismissed it as the shape of a shrimp on a floating leaf. When I turned the lights on, I found one of my Harlequins had jumped from its tank into the shrimp tank.

That's as funny as it gets around here.


When my rams had eggs one time a Nerite was on their rock an I tried to move it because the male was beating the snail up.....and the Ram bit me like crazy trying to get the snail off because it was too close to his eggs.


I used to have a midas pair in a 180g. Unfortunately had to sell them and the tank. But when I did have them, they had a ton of personality. When I didn't pay enough attention to them, they would splash me with thier tails.
I also used to have a huge oscar pair in my 112g. Died of old age, but one time my cat decided to jump on the tank, it was one of those old oceanic tanks with the big glass piece in the middle, and the male Oscar once jumped up and attempted to take a chomp at my cat. No joke. It looked like something out of movie. Since then my cat won't even mess with little guppies. Still exclusively drinks aquarium water but will not bother with fish anymore lol


I have a couple fish that are total nuts lol. Lemme think....

Well, my BN pleco has a habit of sleeping on his back. He will be sucked upside down to a rock or piece of wood, then I think he just gets tired because he’ll let go and just lay under there on his back. Freaked me the heck out when I saw him do that the first time!!

When I had guppies, if I ever had my arm in the tank for some reason they would bite my arm hair! Of course it didn’t hurt because they’re guppies and it wasn’t an aggressive bite, it actually tickled... I think they thought the hairs were worms lol. They’re so funny. I have a couple male endlers still and they don’t hesitate to come up to me when I’m doing something in the tank, it’s actually pretty cool. I guess they technically did bite the hand (arm?) that feeds them but more like, they tried to eat the hand that feeds them :p

My BN is actually so funny. So right now everyone is in a 29g for reasons due to tank malfunction, anyways I have a BN and a clown pleco together. There’s a lot of pots and rocks and there’s two logs in the tank. My BN definitely claimed this one fake log I have in there. He’s typically pretty peaceful, but god forbid anyone tries to go into his log. He sucks to the top and stays there upside down, waits for a cory cat or a loach to enter and chases them out. But my clown pleco really likes the log too, so he dug a hole near the entrance and stays there where the BN can’t see him... reminder that there’s a second log.... I guess they both just have to have that one.

That’s all I can think of for now, moral of the story is... my pleco is a nut :)


This isn't about a fish... but my shrimp like to ride on top of my MTS as they move around the tank. It's pretty funny to watch.


A few years ago I had a ghost catfish that would jump out of the tank trying to eat food. Every time I fed him he tried to eat but shot right by it out of the tank. :p
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