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HI I am new to Fishlore and fairly new to aquariums in general. I recently set up a planted tank, about 2 weeks ago. It was rough at first, I lost 7 fish within the first 5 days. After learning that the pet store had no clue what they were talking about I felt like an idiot. They sold me plants that were not what they said, and fish that aparently are not good for beginners. They also sold me the wrong substrate for the plants. So I started over. I removed what fish were left as well as plants, cleaned the tank, added the correct substrate, added water, replanted the tank, treated the water and put the fish back in. Everything seemed to be going great until today. Yesterday I noticed that I didn't see the remaining kuhlI loach very often. He came out to feed today and I noticed a white fuzzy patch on his right side toward the rear and it seemed that he was having a little trouble swimming. With a little bit of research I found that it is a fungal infection and I also found a treatment. Here is where my real problem lies, I also have an ADF in the tank. On the Q&A section on the website where I found the treatment, it was mentioned not to use this product with an ADF because they would absorb it through their skin. I have a large container that I could quarantine the ADF until the loach and the rest of the tank are treated but I don't have an extra filter or heater to keep water temp and quality preferable. Buying a new heater and filter are not currently an option and I don't know what to do. Are there any treatments for a fungal infection on a fish that are safe for plants and frogs?
You can float the frog in a container within the tank to keep it warm, just change out the water daily. I'd first look into treating the loach with a daily bath in Methylene blue. No adding meds to the tank, just mix a few drops of M. blue in a quart of tank water, net the loach and let it soak for about 20mins, then net him bag into the tank, be sure not to get any M. blue in the tank or you will kill the plants and the beneficial bacteria.

Sounds to me the first batch of fish died off because the tank wasn't cycled. That would also cause the loach to get an infection. Can you test the tank for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate? What kind of substrate do you have? Rough substrate could also contribute to the loach getting a fungal infection, they must have either soft sand or smooth pebbles so prevent injury.


I had the water tested after the first fish died and they said everything was good but my nitrate was low and my ph was a little low. I haven't been able to take it back for testing since I started over. The substrate is a mix of caribsea premium river rock substrate and caribsea floramax. I am looking into the M. Blue right now and thanks for the advice. Any suggestions on what type of container I should use to float the frog? Unfortunately when I came into my living area of my home where the tank was located, one of my white skirted tetras was at the top gasping for air and missing a fin and momments later he sank to the bottom.... It's a bad day either way now.
You can float the frog in a bucket or plastic Tupperware container, something that holds a gallon would be ideal.

If you don’t have a test kit and the tank is still quite new then I’d assume the tank isn’t cycled and the ammonia and nitrite are both high, which would explain the tetra having a hard time.

You should do a 50% water change asap and look into getting yourself a test kit and some Prime to neutralize ammonia and nitrite. It will be guess work on where the tank is in the nitrogen cycle and when your tank needs a water change w/o a test kit. It’s also handy for diagnosing problems when fish start acting odd.

What is the entire stock of the tank? White skirts really need a larger tank to accomidate their size, activity and need for a school.


I had 3 white skirts, down to 2 now, one neon that is the only neon that survied, 5 neons were part of the initial 7 that died. The ADF, a chinese algae eater and one kuhlI loach who is now floating belly up at the top gasping for air. I have a bottle of prime that I used on the initial setup and the 2nd set up as well. I did change my lighting 2 days ago. Went from an led hood to a clip on led with daylight/moonlight settings but I don't see how stress would lead to a fungal infection or a missing fin if I did indeed stress them out by changing lights. Then again I am still learning.

The KuhlI Loach just sank to the bottom and then swam back up to mid level in and is sitting vertical in some coonstail. Seems like he is goinging out slowly... This is a bummer.
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I’m quite sure it’s a water problem and not the lighting. Read up on the aquarium nitrogen cycle to get a better idea. You have to keep adding Prime every couple days as it only neutralizes the bad stuff for a certain amount of time.

Water changes will only help, doing them daily would be ideal until the tank is cycled.

As for the stock, I suggest you do some researching on the species you have. The neons, frog, and loach are IMO ok for a 10gal but the others are not. You can worry about stocking once things settle down, no point in messing with stock now if more may die off.


Ok, I did a 50% water change and will continue to do so. I have no plans of buying more stock until I get that figured out. That would be a waste of money but also a waste of life if anymore were to die. I'm about to start my research on the nitrate cycle. Thanks for all of the help!

So I lost another white skirt and the only remaining neon... I will be glad when I have thia under control...
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