Fungus Or Rot?

Discussion in 'Driftwood' started by DCJ, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. DCJValued MemberMember

    Hi forum!

    I purchased a piece of (I think) Mopani wood from my LFS 2 months and a week ago - as far as I can recall this is a Hugo Kamishi piece

    I put it in my tank (sand substrate, rocks, sponge filter, air stone, food grade clean escargot shells, tiny bit of frogbit, nothing else as of yet) after just a cleaning soak - I wanted to get lights etc set up before I started cycling the tank & I've never minded the look of tannins in the water so I was going to just let it do its thing

    I had some ghosty white fluffy stuff growing on it, had a look on the forums and saw that it was harmless and the wood was just cycling - I dropped in a couple of evil pond snails from one of my other tanks to eat the stuff but it doesn't look like they have.

    The wood and the stuff on it darkened, so I took the piece out to give it a scrub and put it back. It's just gotten darker since then, the fluff has come back brown and there are areas of white that look like rot - which leads me to my question.

    Is this rot and should the wood be removed?
    Is it just normal wood cycling and nothing to worry about until it stops? (How long should that take?)
    Or is it something altogether else?




    Thank you for your help!
  2. meyowmeowValued MemberMember

    Is the wood underneath the 'fuzz' soft or mushy or is it firm to the touch?
  3. DCJValued MemberMember

    @meyowmeow Its firm, I gave it a poke with some planting pliers. One of the white spots was a bit soft but hard underneath so I think that might have been a dimple in the wood
  4. meyowmeowValued MemberMember

    If the it seems firm and not soft or mushy it is probably just a harmless fungus. I see white fluff grow on all types of driftwood I've had but just hadn't seen a spot quite that impressive! I'm sure some shrimp would love to have a go at it!
  5. DCJValued MemberMember

    @meyowmeow thank you for taking the time to comment and reassure me, I appreciate it :)

    Yes - who needs an awesome planted tank when you can show off your mad fungi skills(!) lol
    Thanks again!
  6. meyowmeowValued MemberMember

    keep me updated! I would love to see the improvement after stocking!
  7. DCJValued MemberMember

    @meyowmeow That is so sweet! I'm planning on some neolamprologus brevis on the bottom and topping it off with some male Endlers

    I'm possibly going to plant along the back in pots so the Shellies won't dig it up, or using suction cups to kind of attach some halfway up the tank, like those floating moss things you can get?

    I'll let you know and tag you when it's cycled and stocked - the way its going though it may not be for another 8million years ><
  8. meyowmeowValued MemberMember

    HAHAHA I know that feeling! I'm waiting for one of my tanks to cycle that's taking longer than I want too! I don't know much about the shellies as far as which tank mates but they are such neat fish! I can't wait to see!
  9. DCJValued MemberMember

    @meyowmeow I cycled three tanks at once but they all did it pretty quick - I'm still suspicious lol

    How big is your tank? I'm crossing my fingers for you!

    I was fretting about it and considering a julidochromis dickfeldi but I asked around on this shellie site and they're apparently compatible - both like harder water, similar temps, and they're not supposed to tend to share the same space. I'm excited! But at this rate my 55 gal will be cycled and stocked before that tank is :( SO IMPATIENT! lol
  10. meyowmeowValued MemberMember

    I have about 12 or so tanks - kinda lost count LOL - the one I'm currently cycling is a 5 gal fluval I'm cycling for an all shrimp tank (some snails too i suppose ;) ) I've never kept any cichlids so I had to google that one and it looks beautiful!!