Fungus Or Bacteria?

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    One of my torpedo barbs has a white growth on the top of his mouth. I have been treating with Pimafix and melafix for the past week but there’s been no improvement.
    I live in the UK so thanks to the EU we don’t have access to the good meds available in the US.
    I can treat with waterlife myxazin which seems to be for bacterial infections or protozin which is for fungal.
    I don’t want to subject them to the wrong treatment so I’m hoping someone is better at diagnosing it than me.
    Also worth noting that I have clown loaches in the tank so need to be careful what I use.
    Sorry about the pic quality but it’s the best I could do.

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    I too am a great fan of H2O2.
    You will need to isolate the fish in a separate tank or container for a short period. If you do not have a hospital tan, the easiest way to do this is to float a two litre jar in your main tank (or fasten it down with a piece of string/rope). Fill the jar up with water from the tank and do water changes of the jar daily by pouring out 50% and adding water from the main tank. It goes without saying, that you will have to top up the main tank with water every couple of days too.

    The beauty about this method is:
    1. You do not need any additional equipment like a heater, filter, etc
    2. It can be set up super fast
    3. You use a very small dosage of medicine i.e. H2O2 because you have a small amount of water.
    4. Once healed, the fish goes straight back into the main tank without any shock due to changes of water conditions, sound, light etc.
    I strongly recomend it :)
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    I do have a hospital tank but that approach sounds great.
    Thanks for the info!