Fungus on Danio?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by celake, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. celakeNew MemberMember


    I'm new to fish keeping and I think that one of my zebra danios has a fungus. The tank is fairly new, about two months. I have 6 danios in it, I just add three about a week ago. Nitrates are up at the moment at .5, amonia .25 and nitrates 40. I've done a 20% water change yesterday and today to help with that. I noticed today that one of the danios seems to have spots on his skin. This fish is also a bit of a loner, spending most of his time in the plants or under the log. Does this look like a fungus? If so what should be done to correct it? View attachment 103813

    Thanks for your help.

  2. FatTonyValued MemberMember

    danios are really tough fish so you shouldn't worry too much. i couldn't see the picture you attached so, do you over feed the fish at all? if so it could just be white worms which are harmless. does the 'fungus' move at all on its own? could you post a pic in the comment box that might be better. if it is fungus, you can get interpet anti fungus for less that a fiver at pets at home and stress coat could help too. also your nitrites and amonia are a bit too high so you should try to sort that.
  3. celakeNew MemberMember

    Thanks for your response. I may have been overfeeding. I've reduced feeding now and I'll do another 20% water change tomorrow if my Nitrites and ammonia haven't gone down. The spots don't seem to move on their own. I can't seem to post a pic in the comment box, it just comes out as an attachement. Here is a link to the photo on the web:  
  4. FatTonyValued MemberMember

    i cant really see anything wrong with that fish at all.
  5. celakeNew MemberMember

    Great, thanks! I was just a bit concerned as he is a loner and he is the only one that has the spots on his side.

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