Fungus on a fire belly newt??

  1. fbn Well Known Member Member

    Hello, I was at a petstore today and saw a newt missing an arm and it had white on the end. The one lady said it might have fungus. Question, is it cureable? I want another fbn and would love to get him and cure him :). Thanks!
  2. DarkFin Member Member

    Yes, it can be curable with the right medication, but, don't expect the newt to regrow its arm...:;hi2

  3. fbn Well Known Member Member

    Okay, so if I tried is there a BIG chance of survival? And what medications do I use?? I do not care about it's arm, as long as it can have a good life :)
  4. DarkFin Member Member

    It might, look on the medicine boxes and see if it says anything on white fuzzy funguses; but, there is a chance he might not live, so depends if you want to take a risk on buying him. personally, one of my newts have gotton a white fuzzy fungus on it, and it lived, but never missing a limb.

  5. fbn Well Known Member Member

    Well, maybe it isn't fungus then. Because the end of the limb is white, and there is like a white string from it?? What do you think it is then??
  6. DarkFin Member Member

    might be a parasitic worm, i wouldnt buy the poor thing, it seems to much work for one newt.
  7. fbn Well Known Member Member

    Okay, thanks a lot!!