Fungus/bacteria Medicine Not Working??? Help

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    kenny powers New Member Member

    My molly has some sort of bacteria or fungus thing going on ( no one in this world seems to know what it is I've been to so many fish stores and there is literally no fish experts anywhere. So I bought melafix and pimafix and api general cure which is what I have been using in my 10 gallon hospital tank. Every time I give his dose of medicine within minutes, he swims to the complete bottom of the tank breathing oddly and stays there all day and the next day he will pop up and become active and eat. Is the medicine making it worse or why does he react poorly to medicine?!? Do I stop giving him medicine and if I do how will he ever get cured?? And if someone can please also figure out what the heck kind of disease or infection he has that would be great! IMG_4452.jpg IMG_4453.jpg IMG_4453.jpg
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    Kind of looks like dropsy, which I think you have to treat it with some type of antibiotic, if it is dropsy.
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    Doesn’t look like dropsy to me, but doesn’t look like anything else either.
    Are you using all 3 meds at once? It’s probably overloading his system.
    How long has he been like this? Can you get a top view photo? That will give a better view if it is dropsy.
    I would start with an anti fungal, or a more comprehensive treatment would be nitrofurazone combined with kanamycin. I use jungle fungus fizz tabs combined with kanaplex, dosed together following the instructions on the package.
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    Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    Costia, use an ick medicine

    No, you are incorrect. And those medicines are dangerous to the environment, and kanamycin is expensive.
    Its a skin parasite.
    If you dont know something for sure, its best not to reccomend expensive dangerous chemicals to someone. Its a waste of time, money, and can be dangerous.
    Heres some pictures of the parasite costia.
    Pictures of costia - Google Search:
  5. AngelTheGypsy

    AngelTheGypsy Fishlore VIP Member

    Thank you for correcting me, like I said I didn’t recognize the issue. However, I have been recommended on this forum, by experienced aquarists, to use the combination of drugs I mentioned to treat serious conditions, and with success. I don’t know where you get the information that they are dangerous for the environment, but yes, kanamycin can be expensive.
    As far as dangerous chemicals, bleach can be a dangerous chemical, but when used properly it has benefits. Maybe you should come out from under your rock.

    @kenny powers it looks like you have a diagnosis. Best wishes to you and your fish.
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    Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    @Whitewolf -The diagnosis was incorrect? Fine- it happens...
    However, Kanamyacin/nitrofurazone is the most effective combination of drugs for Columnaris.
    The cost of these medications is entirely irrelevant to suggest as a reason not to use a medication, so I wont even address that. That is a personal decision of those who use or dont use a medication.
    I Agree, we must, as responsible aquarists, be mindful of the drugs we use and handle them with care and dispense of them with the highest consideration of their potential toxic impact on ourselves and the environment.
    That said, both of these drugs are sanctioned for use in home aquaria. If you choose not to use them due to your concerns regarding their environmental/personal impact, so be it. You have every right.
    But, at the same time, due to its effectiveness for diseases such as Columnaris, we will continue to offer it as the best combination of medication for treatment.
    When this happens, sure, give your alternate medication/combination for the OP to weigh his/her alternatives.
    Our job is to provide the poster with the best advice for treatment-- it is then their decision what course they will take.

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    Nice!! I didn’t have the words
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    And i counter with this Dioxins and dioxin-like compounds - Wikipedia
    @Discusluv read it yourself, they are some of the most toxic compounds used in the aquatic and pesticide industry. It was used in vietnam war, and they are still having birth defects.
    As the son of a vietnam vetern born with spinal biffda, i can personally say to stay away from that stuff.
    Lots of bacterial infections look like columnaris, you are better off using a actual gram positive antibiotic along with your gram negative one, then this anti-microbial toxin.
    maracyn 1/2 combo works
    Oxytetracycline works amazingly well
    Kanamycin is a good drug, but its limited in scope, and its pretty hit or miss. I personally am not gonna use or reccomend any product that causes cancer and birth defects.
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    fishchick Valued Member Member

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    fishchick Valued Member Member

    Don't know what is up with my angel , his belly been bloated for while treated with jungle fungus , no help now petsmart recommends the API general cure so that is in tank can't see any of belly going down , help