Fungal infection?

  1. Sethclark97 Initiate Member

    Just noticed that one of my black neons has some form of a disease, she is separation get herself from the rest of her group but is still eating. Parameters are all looking good, what would this sickness be and what is the best method for treating her?

  2. peregrine Member Member

    Hard to tell. Are there bumps under the skin or is it just fuzzy?

    and when you say parameters are all looking good. What are they at?

  3. Sethclark97 Initiate Member

    Looks like scales are lifted a bit, so I'd say there are small bumps under the skin. pH is at 6.8 ammonia is 0 as well as nitrites. Nitrates are 30
  4. peregrine Member Member

    Move that fish to another tank. It sounds like it may have gotten NTD. Watch him and you may need to euthanize :(

  5. Sethclark97 Initiate Member

    One of my female guppies seems to also be suffering from the same issue, I don't want to jump to the conclusion of NTD quite yet, but I have been treating with Herbatana which helped to clear up some other fish from an outbreak of what seemed to be ich. Would it be worth doing a quarantine with Pimafix for the 2 affected fish?