15 Gallon Tank Fully Stocked Already?


Hi there! I've got a 60 litre (15 US gallon) tank that's been setup and established for nearly 5 months now and I have the following in it:
The tank is well planted with water parameters seemingly fine. At the moment I'm changing 20-30% of the water every 10 days but it can probably go longer than that as my Nitrate levels are slow to increase.

I'm wondering whether you would consider this tank fully stocked? I would like to add a small group of fish, maybe Celestial Pearl Danios, to fill it out a bit. Looking at the tank it does seem like it has the space for more, but aware that I don't want to throw the balance completely off.


I would add in 3 more panda Corys so they can be in a bigger school. Other than that I would say you’re fully stocked.
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