fully aquatic crabs for community tank?

Are there any crabs I can get that are fully aquatic that I can use in a 30 gallon community tank? I would love to add some color.
Well there are ThaI micro crabs however...

They are small obviously
They aren't colorful at all
They spend the majority of their time hiding
The crabs would pose a threat to the fish, but also depends on the size of both. It's just not a good idea to mix both.

Yeah, I'd go with shrimp.... most crabs are brackish or saltwater and the one that is fully freshwater wouldn't make a good fit in a community tank, and would likely be eaten by fish.
Agreed on the shrimp idea. I have ghosts, red cherries, and something my fish store calls orange cherries. I'm waiting on the orange ones to grow and breed so I can see if they're naturally orange or not

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