Full tank control system and multi tank filter, your opinion? Question

  1. C

    Charles Wagner New Member Member

    I have been looking for a new electronics side project for a while, I design electronics for a living and have been constantly looking for a way to hook up multiple tanks easy to one big filter. I have yet to see anything. Here is what I am thinking:

    1 - Electronic Valves and flow sensors controlled and monitored by a micro controller so the water comming in is the same as the water going to the filter

    2 - A water level check to monitor the water level so if the valves or flow sensors are failing it will over ride those readings and keep the water between those 2 points (or if it is slightly off)

    3 - Since we are adding inteligence might as well make it monitor the tempature and report it to a LCD screen, and control a backup heater or even controll the main heater

    4 - Monitor what ever water propertys it can without hugly expensive sencors

    5 - Keeps track of time, so you can program a timmer for the lighting, and controlls LED hoods so it can dim as the daylight dims, either threw sensing the outside light threw a sensor or simply via time

    6 - Keeps track of days left before a water change is needed (soaly time based)

    Before I have everyone jump down my neck, this would be tested and developed on an empty 10 gallon tank I have with no fish in it.

    While I CAN do all this, It would take a large block of time (being a full time engineer and a full time business owner time is expensive and rare) to create, and pricy for parts since its all hand made. I do not want to go threw the hassle untill I get feedback on what everyone would think of a system like this.

    What does everyone think of a system like this?
  2. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    If this is something you can do, by all means do it! :)
    I would do this for myself if I could but I have no experience with building such as this! Sounds awesome!
  3. matsungit

    matsungit Well Known Member Member

    How about just a single tank with an automatic water changer with automated mixing reservoirs?
  4. OP

    Charles Wagner New Member Member

    would be easy to add, the water changer it think would have to be under gravel filters.. as far as the mixing part that is easy. just use a bucket and some parametric pumps (parametric so we can control amount that goes in)

    I am going to end up building it in pieces, so il build the thermometer part only, then add the water flow controls, and so on.