Ftgh(?) Glofish Danios!

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    So apparently, my GloDanios need cooler waters. My tank is set at 80 degrees, and that's abouuut five degrees warmer than they prefer. I thought they would be fine with my tetras and betta, but.. my conscience won't let me keep them if they're not in their ideal setup, soooo... I wanted to put out feelers on finding someone who might want to take them in for me. There are about a dozen of them, and they're healthy, and beautiful, and I've had them about seven months. There are three neon pink ones, four neon yellow ones, an orange one, a purple one, a blue one.. okay, so that is ten danios. :) lol.

    The issue is, while I've bought fish online, I haven't shipped them before, so I might need to be walked through that. I don't need payment for them, per say, but I would like whoever takes them to pay for their shipping, or at least most of it, if possible.

    * If you're also interested.. I have a Rubberlip Pleco that is getting big fast, (though he's still only like two inches at this point. I didn't realize so much space was recommended for them, so if you're looking for one of these also, get a package deal.. lol.

    (They really ARE beautiful.. and I will miss them. :( Sigh). Let me know if you're interested. Ty.
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