FS: Shrimp, Plants & Snails!

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    Figured it'd be easier to start an new thread with everything included instead of two separate threads. PM me your zip code so I can give you an accurate estimate on shipping costs.

    REMEMBER - You MUST have 50 posts or more in order to buy or sell on here per the rules!

    Here we go -


    Red Cherry Shrimp - $15 for a group of 20 Red Cherry Shrimp, all sizes from shrimplets to juvies to adults, etc.

    Recent photo of the RCS, bad quality pic. Really doesn't show how red they really are -



    Small - Medium Java Ferns. - $5


    Water Wisteria - This is starting to overtake my 10 gallon and 40 gallon. The photo is of them in the 10g. As you can see, they've reached the top level of the water. I have smaller sizes available too.

    $2 for smaller sizes, $4 for larger size Wisteria like this -


    Guppy/Najas Grass. $5 for softball size portion. Can be planted or left floating. -



    Malaysian Trumpet Snails, varying sizes from babies to adults. $3 for 5 -

  2. ZeeZ Well Known Member Member

    Actually, I won't be able to ship anything until next next week. I'm going out of town this weekend and next week. Today was the last day for this week. For payment, I use PayPal.

    Please PM if you're still interested.

  3. ZeeZ Well Known Member Member

    I'm back home and ready to ship anything you want! Except a girlfriend or a boyfriend, that is...

    Frogbit is NOT available for now. Duckweed is FREE. Pesky things... always coming back just when I think I've eradicated them...

  4. ZeeZ Well Known Member Member

    All still available! :) Get some!

    If you buy something, I'll send you a hand-drawn portrait of yourself...

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    Any of the plants I posted would do well in low-light. I do have Java Moss, however, I'm using it in a project of mine. The Najas Grass thrives in pretty much any kind of light, provided there is light. A majority of my shrimp spend their time in it eating the microfauna (that our eyes can't see) off it exactly as they do with Java Moss. They do this with any plant, actually. Java Ferns, Wisteria, Frogbit, etc, will all do well in your tank, IMO.

    I sell RCS year-round. For the colder months I use heat packs, but the weather now is too mild for heat packs, so none will be used. Thank you! If you're interested, just PM me. :)
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    Good morning,

    :animal0068:please use the Private Message feature for your questions to the seller. Reason being, it's easier for member to shop when they do not have to read through chit chat.


  7. ZeeZ Well Known Member Member

    Prices of medium Java Ferns dropped to $5.

    Really nice, green and robust Anacharis, $1.50 per six inch stalk. -


    Also, here's a truer representative photo of the real color of my RCS -


  8. ZeeZ Well Known Member Member

    It's been a while since I bought this back up! The Windelovs are gone except for a few tiny ones that I plan on growing out myself.

    The rest are still available, though! :;th
  9. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Interested in the plants but I have some questions - I have a 36 gallon tank and a 5 gallon I want to use them in.
    Will they grow free floating or will they need to be planted? I use medium sized gravel ( sorry, I am new at all of this fish stuff )
    Also, are they "snail free?" <------ not wanting any snails right now

  10. ZeeZ Well Known Member Member

    For those wondering -

    What I have left for plants are frogbit, salvinia, guppy grass, Anacharis, small-medium Wisterias, crypts.

    As for snails, I have one tank that doesn't have any snails in it that I can get plants from, so specify if you don't want. However, I can't give you a 100% guarantee but I will do my best.

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  12. llama roadkill Well Known Member Member

    I really need duckweed. How much is shipping?
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    Changes updated -

    Frogbit is NOT available now.

    However, you can get a nice, big softball size portion of Najas Grass for $5 now. More for less!