FS or Trade: Pretty large Amazon Sword and snails\fish

  1. fbn

    fbn Well Known Member Member

    Hello! I have a pretty large Amazon Sword that I would like to sell. I cannot post pictures until Monday at the earliest. I estimate it to be atleast a foot tall. Incase it matters, some of the older leaves have green spot algae and there is also a little hair algae on it. I am going to ask $12 + shipping.

    I will also accept some trades for fish. Preferably livebearers or easy breeding fish.

    I also have for sale:
    Red Ramshorn snails (about BB-pea sized) $.75 a piece. These snails are a very nice red!
    Yellow Mystery Snails (about Pea sized) $1.00 a piece.
    Hawaiian Cobalt Blue Guppies: $10.00 for a juvenile pair.

    Shoot me a PM if you are interested or want a shipping calculation! I am having computer problems, so please give me some time. :) Please abide by the B\S\T rules and members under 18 MUST have parental permission.
  2. OP

    fbn Well Known Member Member

    Almost all of the available guppies are sold. I could possibly sell one more pair.