FS:75g, fluval 405, coralife flourescent light, full setup plus extras $250obo

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    hi guys,

    well im sad to say its time to downsize, going to sell my 75 gallon setup and get a smaller more maintainable setup. this is a great tank it is a older tank but in great shape. here is a list of what comes with it.

    75gallon glass tank
    36" dual 96w coralife light fixture
    fluval 405
    hand built tank stand
    plus all the decore and substrate in the tank, over 50 pounds of sand and another 15-20 rocks, and 10 fake plants, driftwood
    two jager heaters plus another one(cant remember the name) two air pumps, a oscillating water jet, timers and power strips
    also some more stuff

    you can look in my ablums for photos

    $250obo looking to sell quick so make offer.
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