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    Hi everyone,
    its been a while since ive posted anything/even been on the site but its that time again. my platies had fry, this time a lot more of them...even though i took almost all them out exept 2 females and a male. i have probably about 30 in my 20 gal. i was able to get rid of the first ones pretty fast to my school and freinds and grew a couple out to trade with a LFS. now i feel i have too many and i cant find a home for them. I was thinking about moving them out of the 20 gal so my other fish can swim/have lives and setting up a "growing tank". I was thinking about just using a old plastic bin..its about 40gal or something and just doing a lot of water changes (every 2 days or so) and everything to keep hormone levels down as i dont really want to do to many on my 20 gal since its fairly planted and they need the fish waste. anyone got any objections or other ideas i might be able to try?

    thanks for the advice/ideas,


    ps yes id set up a heater and filter for the grow bin...
    also i see other people are having a lot of fry and dont know what to do with them...some people say get a "hungry fish" sort of like to keep mine so that i can get some more plants
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    i have a betta and i drop fry in his tank and my female in my livebearer tank keep the fish down
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    get a German Blue ram(GBR), or another fish that is seiagressive. HTey are beautiful and dont mess with fish unless it can eat it in one gulp :p. This is my female

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    ...sorry i meant keep my fry so i can trade them in for some plants. my bad
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    sounds great!~ anything, with a heater and a filter, will qt tank is a 30g tub from walmart...its plastic and used as a laundry or toy tub kinda thing....i just move an established filter and heater to it when needed.....