Fry Missing Most Of Caudal Fin?

  1. PaulaMPi Member Member

    The Platies in my 10g QT have been dealing with worms... (separate issue)

    Any rate, this am I saw a fry that was hiding - and looked like it was struggling to swim (able to, but definitely looked like extra effort/wiggling). IMG_0480.PNG IMG_0483.PNG IMG_0485.jpg IMG_0486.PNG . She looks almost like an eel, as her caudal fin looks messed up/almost completely gone!

    I've taken video of the movement of her swimming, but having an issue uploading the video... here are a couple of screen caps for the moment.

    Separate her? Leave her be? Other? :-/
  2. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Are her fins just clamped tightly, or missing?

    If you can give her a permanent home, you can easily keep her as long as she is eating and can live a relatively pain free life. If you were planning to give her to a store, I would humanely euthanize her now, as the store will likely do the same, and maybe not as nicely.
  3. PaulaMPi Member Member

    It looks like most of the fin is actually missing. I have no idea what happened - it was fine before we went on vacation. I'm not planning on getting rid of her - I just didn't know if there's any way to help her. These ones are all supposed to go in my community tank once the deworming treatment is over, but I just didn't know if I'm torturing her by leaving her in this state... or eventually having her in a bigger tank with more stock.

    There were 8 fry before I went on vacation (2 are 2 months, 6 are 1 month), and I could only find 7 when I got back. I figured either mama may have eaten her, or maybe I had miscounted previously. She showed up today, sans tail (we were gone a week, and have been back for 1.5 weeks). No idea what happened to her.

    Would it be better to separate her into a box/net for a bit, or is that more stressful or delaying some sort of inevitable end? I've seen other fish's fins heal very quickly from splits or cuts... but would something like this be able to regenerate? (Stupid question?)
  4. Dragones5150918 Well Known Member Member

    To me, it sounds like fin rot (colomnunaris) where the fin just erodes away.
  5. PaulaMPi Member Member

    Wouldn't the other fish be showing some signs of issue if it was fin rot or something nasty like columnaris? The only thing we're dealing with right now is white poo (which I guess could be some sort of bacterial infection instead of worms). I was thinking more along the lines of one of the other fish nipped off the fin... but definitely up for other theories if you can help me understand / know what to do! Wouldn't columnaris have some fuzz and dying fish? As for fin rot, all the others have all fins intact... ?
  6. Dragones5150918 Well Known Member Member

    Colomnunaris is an opportunistic bacteria. Just one slight thing wrong with a fish, and it will take hold. The colomnunaris bacteria live naturally on fish, and needs a trigger to happen. Stress is the normal first trigger. Parasites which can cause stress is another. Water quality is another trigger. You can have one fish with the Flexibacteria-Columnaris and no other fish have it, until a stresser happens. There is other types of colomnunaris, but it appears to me you have the Flexibacteria-Columnaris. This can be fixed by using Kanaplex, though this medication is kind of hard on the kidneys. It is also safe on your cycle.
  7. PaulaMPi Member Member

    VERY interesting. I have Kanaplex on hand - I have treated with it before (it has been several months, and interestingly was about the only time my fish have had "normal" poops). I have been shy about using it because it's harsh, and because one very vocal member pretty much reamed me out for overmedicating and burning (or some such) my fish. What about fry? Would it be okay for them? Do I have to adjust the dose?
  8. Dragones5150918 Well Known Member Member

    If you wish, you can try milder methods like using Betta Revive baths, salt treatments, or other medications, like nitrofurazone (Furan-2). Or you can do Furan 2 and a Betta Revive bath, or just use Methylene Blue instead of Betta Revive. To be honest, the best treatment is a combination of Furan 2 and Kanaplex. Or Kanaplex and Methylene Blue baths.
  9. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I'm not convinced it's columnaris since you're not seeing any other symptoms of it.

    I would leave her be for now, as long as she's not getting picked on and she can get food.
  10. PaulaMPi Member Member

    I have jungle fungus clear (nitrofurazone) and Kanaplex... I'm not treating yet - I don't want to if it's "just in case," but I'm really curious if some sort of infection could be part of the answer. I have another thread that I started about a week ago, which turned again into a discussion about how their poops have been white for months, despite treatment with Prazipro/Praziquantel flakes... they suggested possibly round worms or bacterial infection as well, but suggested trying fenbendazole flakes too (have not gotten them yet).

    That particular thread is here, if that helps:
    Help - Fishies Odd After Vacation

    I haven't seen her again since later that day - she has shown herself to be great at hiding. I honestly don't know if she's eating much. I've held off on any further treatment so far.

    I mentioned in the other quote on this reply, I've had issues in this tank with the fish having long white poos for months. Praziquantel doesn't seem to help, and one of the adult fish has been "odd" off and on for months too. (she'll be fine for a while, then hiding and clamping fins for a week, and then fine again. I have no idea what's going on.) Does any of this sound like anything you can think of offhand? It just kind of has become our "normal," but I don't think it should be. I want to put the adults and fry back in the 45, but loathe to do so when they have these white poops that won't go away. (The only time they did have "normal" poos was after doing a couple rounds of Kanaplex back in February/March.)
  11. PaulaMPi Member Member

    Never mind, I found her hiding in one of the plants.. but the REASON I found her is because her mama (my Variatus) was hiding in the plant just now, DEAD.

    (no obvious problems - she actually has been acting much better the last few days... though the poop was still a problem.)

    So what now? Should I inspect her more and post pics? And How do I save the fry and Mickey at this point?

    Maybe I'll just make a new thread that references both my open ones so all the info is on the new place and close this one.

    Edit to add: new thread with all the combined info here if you're still willing to help
    Help - Platy Dead - What Is Going On In Tank? (combined Info/threads)
  12. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I might try to treat them with some stronger than Praziquantel then, for internal parasites and/or internal bacterial issues. Other things can cause white poop as well. It may be useful to try Metronidazole.
  13. mollybabes Well Known Member Member

    I think she's just clamping her fins. One of my babies did that from the moment she was born hence the name wiggle. I don't know what it's caused by. I think it's just an ill fish. Wiggle was perfectly fine and lived happily for all 4 months of her life.
    I would leave her. Wiggle looked exactly like yours.
  14. PaulaMPi Member Member

    I'm pretty sure it's not clamping fins - I can still see fins on the others if it's clamped. This little girl never shows the rest of that rear fin anymore, and definitely struggles on swimming.

    I couldn't find her today again, and I took the decor out of the tank to remove more of the gravel, and finally found her almost stuck in the gravel. At first I thought she was dead. She wiggled out for a min, then seemed to get pushed right back down by the filter current. She looked like she was getting rolled around and smooshed. (She typically hides in the fake plants, probably for the barrier from the filter and airstone.)

    I moved her to a breeder's box to watch her for a bit and see if she's eating and swimming ok. She did eat, but I'm still concerned about how she'll fare "out" in the tank. Should I just put her back in and let nature take its course? Will a fin that is that far gone ever be able to regenerate at all? Does her body shape look worrisome otherwise?