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    The pleco tank needs a tv or something, as the number of fry seems to increase daily. I think there may be as many as 3 separate fry batches at present. Definitely 2, but there is a large group of middle sized fry whose colouration and size seems to separate them. The male has been out for over a week now though, so they might be taking a break ...then again, she's getting super plump again ...

    In superbly awesome brilliant news, I have Cory fry!!! The little guys have finally mastered it! I've been collecting their eggs for months with zero success. I now have 2 little fry, and maybe a third. I can't tell yet. The eggs only detached from the wall of the fry box today, so I assume they are just a yolk sac with a tail at the moment. They are the tiniest fry I've ever seen. Truly amazing. This has been a goal of mine for so long; successfully breeding either the peppered or bronze. :;banaman
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    LOL, I know what you mean. Eat, Poop, procreate seems to be all the BN plecos in my tank like to do.

    Congrats on the cory fry!
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    Great news on all the frys.

    I wish my Cories eggs would not get eaten in my tank.
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    Yay! :) I have 8 cory paleatus and I am hoping for some babies. Pics? :)
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    Thanks, guys!

    AP, mine used to get eaten if I left them where the female stuck them. I assume, by other cories. I would retrieve eggs when I saw them laying and re-stick them to the wall of an egg box I have. These would always go white and fuzzy. I wondered if there was enough water movement, so this time I put a simple small airstone inside the box. I'm not sure if it was the extra movement or the male reaching maturity finally, but the eggs turned a fairly solid brown colour! I examined them after a couple of days with a reasonably bright torch, and hours later there was a wriggly tail! 2 of them were off the wall but one wasn't wriggling like the other. Then I realised there was a pleco fry in with them. The box is solid plastic with thin slits, so it must have squeezed itself in there, lol. The remaining egg was still on the wall at this stage, so I left them all, hoping this one would hatch soon enough. When I went back to check on them the next day there were no Cory wrigglers anywhere. I'm not sure if the plecos ate them? There was about 3 pleco fry in there, then, so perhaps they ate them. Or perhaps the cories had exited through the slits and are now among the gravel? Next time I will photo document it and work out a way to keep them in and plecos out, lol.

    Jw, what do you do with all your fry? I hope I can sell or give mine away. There are just so many of them!
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    Normally I let them become blood parrot food but my wife informed me this time that I am a jerk for doing so. I am giving some away in a RAOK and I sold some. I just took 40 of them to a lfs and got a small amount of store credit. And wouldn't you know this evening my ever plump female was super skinny and my male is nowhere to be found. I am really thinking about moving my female to my endler tank so they quit having babies.

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