fry/dying fish?

  1. agw09 Initiate Member


    So I was feeding my fish and noticed one wasnt comign to the surface to eat, then i saw a baby swim behind a plant :eek:
    my fish was sitting on the bottom in a small hole she made for herself then she swam off became rigid and fell to the bottom. I thought that the stress of giving birth had killed her but then she came back to life and has been repeating this behaviour for the last 10 mins. I have her in a breeding cage at the moment but i am not even sure if its her whose given birth, she has always been small and didnt look even slightly pregnant.
    Is she dying or do they sometimes do that when giving birth. Totally out of my depth here :s
  2. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    I'm not sure about the 'dying' behavior, my platy has never done that. It is most likely stress. For now, leave her in the net because moving her will stress her out more and you'll lose the fry (if that matters to you). She might also get picked on if the other fish find her lying on the bottom. Sorry it isn't much help. Good luck.
  3. agw09 Initiate Member

    ah well, i think she's dead. She's not breathing or moving now. There is one fry in the cage with her, the only one i could find.
  4. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    I'm sorry. I think she may have gotten clogged up or something. Are you planning on raising any fry you find?
  5. agw09 Initiate Member

    Yeah i have the one i found in the breeders net with some plants and i put food in,(very well crushed up flakes) I have a filter maturing in my main tank but its not ready yet to be put in my quarantine tank. Can i raise the fry in the breeders net? I know its not ideal but its the best i can do for now :s
  6. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    When I just had my 10 gallon tank and 6 guppy fry, I put them in the trap. It will temporarily slow down their growth. Like you, I fed them finely ground flakes. When I upgraded the fry got the entire tank (very spoiled) and their growth went crazy. They're mostly mature in my main tank now, and I've noticed no stunting or bad health.