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Discussion in 'Betta Breeding' started by damprye, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. d

    damprye Valued Member Member

    How can I tell if my fry are eating?
    I do not think that they are as the bottom of the tank just seems to be getting more polluted, I have tried microworms, insufura, liquifry, I was desperate enough to use frozen BBS and now egg yolk.
    They do not seem very active like I have seen with peoples videos even at feeding times.
    Will they eat the stuff off the floor at all, it is a bare bottom tank, how do I get the left overs out without picking up my fry? I have tried a syphon with a sponge but it was not very effective.
    Should I just hope that they start eating?
    There still seems to be quite a few alive and I am not seeing any little fry bodies on the bottom of the tank but I am still starting to worry:-\
  2. steed1172

    steed1172 Well Known Member Member

    watch your fry VERY closely to see if they are eating.
    leave it food in for about 20 minutes. and clean up with air line tubing, start a siphon through it, and it sucks up stuff pretty well-but only being a small end its easier to control, and for safe but slow water changes- add a water stone on the end, then will take a LONG time, but no fry will get sucked up.
    best i can help with, there are plenty people here much more qualified to speak about fry than me..
  3. Betta Whisperer

    Betta Whisperer Well Known Member Member

    I'm sure with all the stuff you have put in there that they are eating. Relax and watch them grow. If you can hatch BBS you can feed them that and then the strong will survive.
  4. OP

    damprye Valued Member Member

    After having a good conversation with a local betta breeder I have decided to stick with the egg yolk and for now I have put a snail in with them as it apparently is better to have the snail droppings than the food waste and IMO it will make it easier to clean up :).

    It is so good to watch my betta eating and their bellies swell to a nice size. They are now alot more active. Now that they are happy so am I.:;ha:;perfect

    Thank you both for your imput it was greatly appreciated and sure to help others in my situation :;hf
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2010
  5. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello Damprye,

    Congrats on the fry! I would recommend using a turkey baster to remove the debris from the bottom of the tank.

  6. OP

    damprye Valued Member Member

    Ok thanks, that sounds like a great idea :D
  7. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Glad to help!
    Ken :)

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