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    This must have been posted a million times! but why are our lfs's still telling people that a betta will be fine living in a cup!..I was told today that they are just fine in a plastic cup because they live in dirty mud puddles in the wild! the fish store owner actually said that their water only needs to be changed once a month or so! and they don't need filters or, with all the info out there can people exspecially fish store people still be spewing this ****!..:;b

    Correct me if I'm wrong here but, bettas come from small ponds, rice paddies, and large dishes, and none of them are disgusting dirty mud puddles. all of the bettas natural enviroments are well planted clean living areas right?? and if they are found in small mud puddles it is because their pond,rice paddy or ditch has dried up, and they won't survive there I right here??
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    Your right Hendryx..LFS's do it again...
  3. OP

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    I'm so sad, i'm gonna print out a whole whack of betta info and make a pamphlet and go give it to the moronic fish store lady, while I'm there i may just have to rescue the poor little betta she has in a cup..uggghhhh..
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    Bettas living mud puddles is just another of the myths propogated by people who have heard "so-and-so" say it, so it must be true. Kind of like goldfish being fine in those little 1gal goldfish bowls with no filtration, and plecos and other fish that in nature grow quite large only growing to the size of the tank they're in. I know a lot of people believe these things because the myths have been around for years and for a long time everyone believed them, so why can't they be true? It's ironic that LFS and others who work in fish retail propogate these myths as they'd actually make a lot more money off people buying properly sized tanks and filters than they would selling people the little betta bowls and such.

    Another of my favorites are the people who think that because they have a filter, they don't need to do any other sort of maintenance on the all. I have a friend like that. She cleans her 28gal bowfront maybe once a year, never tests her water, and has her tank WAY overstocked and then can't figure out why her fish drop like flies.
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    What I always think is sad is that these LFS people think they are going to make more money by just selling, selling, selling with no regard for the animals. I think they'd actually make more money by selling the equipment really needed for the fish/animals. Because really, these animals do not live very long with the "care instructions", and then people get frustrated and give up on the fish/animals.

    I hate it when I hear pet stores recommend rabbits for small children, and they always sell them saying they are easy and inexpensive to keep. BOTH of which are untrue. Argh. Anything to make a buck. I hate it. And the animals/fish always get the worst of it. :(
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    Or, the opposite happens and the people come back and buy more fish that aren't compatible with their tank and spend more money buying more equipment or chemicals that aren't needed. I took my water from my 46gal bowfront (when I had it set up and was having algae problems) to be tested at my LFS and they told me that my pH was way off and that was causing me to have high ammonia. They recommended some expensive $12 bottle of pH adjuster and a $7 bottle of some kind of bacterial stuff. With tax, I walked out with $21 worth of worthless stuff. I used it as directed and ended up having an horrific bacterial bloom. I was lucky to have any fish left after a week of doing as I was instructed by the LFS.
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    The almighty dollar..that's about stores think people won't buy their little bettas if they have to drop 100+ dollars on their living enviroment, I also have a friend that thinks because he has a filter he dosn't need to do anything else to keep his fish healthy lol..and I have heard a million times "they will only grow to the size of the tank" for goldfish..yeah, maybe at the exspense of all their little organs! geeeezzzz..
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    I never believe anyone in a retail fish store. I do my own research for myself. Betta's are so pretty
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    I know what you mean about the goldfish! I have one Oranda and a Lionhead goldfish. The store where I bought my Lionhead (Which I bought three months after getting my Oranda) said it would be fine to keep my lionhead and my Oranda in my 10gal tank. I looked at the worked dead in the face and called them stupid and I told them that if I were to do that they would suffer from really bad growth stunts and what could be a life span of 20 years turn into maybe 2. So I bought my lionhead and left. Though of course my goldies are in a 25gal and are being upgraded to a 40gal or 55gal by the end of this summer.
  10. OP

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    Oranda and Lionheads are my favorite!..they get huge and rolly polly lol. and are soooo messy, they need the space, great job for doing your research!!
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    I think my absolute favorite that I've heard from a fish/pet store worker was a guy at Petco. I went in to check out their live plant selection and to peruse the betta selection (this was when I got my blue butterfly delta boy). I mentioned that I hated the little bowls they sell for bettas because they are so hard to keep balanced and provide so little room for the poor bettas. The guy proceeded to tell me that bettas didn't do well in anything bigger than a gallon and in fact, they PREFER smaller tanks with little water in them. He also went on to say that you don't have to change a betta's water and they don't need filtration or a heater because they come from tiny mud puddles in the wild and like dirty water. Then he asked me if he could help me find anything. I asked about their live plants. I then got a five minute lecture on how live plants are a waste of time and money and how bettas don't like them anyway and that they're bad for bettas. He also said that he actually tells people NOT to buy live plants. Luckily his manager walked by just in time to hear that little tidbit and the guy got pulled aside for a talking-to because of it. Anyway, I whipped out a picture of my Hex5 that's heavily planted and has my VERY happy feathertail male betta and said "Does this look like an unhappy betta to you?!"
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    Good for you! lol--did you get any reaction from the happy betta in his plant filled Hex?

    I just got back from one of the pet stores... I overheard one person being told that goldfish would be fine in one of those 8 gallon Nano overpriced bowls. I couldn't help myself... I 'mentioned' that goldfish can get to be 12 inches long and would get to be far too big for the tank. That went nowhere, she said something about the fish only growing to fit the tank and then I heard her remarking to the employee that the tank is intended for goldfish because the pic on the box has 3 goldfish in said tank---AARRGG! :;fru

    I really hate people. Especially the ones that market these products to credulous fools :mad:
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  13. bassbonediva

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    The reaction I got was classic..."Well, you must have a weird betta then." What...the...HECK?!?!

    Have you seen the pic on the box of the Hex5s? There's one pic that has three or four GOLDFISH in it and another that has four three-spot gouramis in it! Really?! Oh my heck! The gouramis are 4-5" EACH, even in the pic you can tell they're huge!
  14. Shine

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    I count 6 goldfish in the second pic.... insanity :eek:
  15. lyndra

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    I have to say - our LFS is really good.

    The tank that our cichlids live in used to be a community tank until an illness wiped most of the fish out and it was converted into a cichlid tank - I still refer to it as the 'community tank' because my little pea brain doesn't work with change and for ages I had a problem with the pronounciation of cichlid (some people here say chill - id others sick-lid... i refused to choose a side because I was sure sick-lid is right but my family were stuck on chill-id)

    I once referred to 'the community tank' when we were at the LFS buying our damasonis.. and they nearly didn't let us bring them home!! LOL I had to explain that.. no they are not going into a mixed tank - yes I did know about the very aggresive nature of cichlids.. and no... the betta material I also had (bettafix, special betta pellets, blood worm -I was setting up FS's new tank) was for a separate tank!.

    Cheers to Hollywood Fish supplies in Auckland who actually ask 'how big is your tank? What other fish do you have? What are your water parameters?"
    before selling fish.. and yes they have an idea of what bettas need as well - I've never seen a cupped betta in Auckland.. you don't often see bettas at all and at Hollywood- they all reside in separated tanks which are included in their filtration set up.
  16. bassbonediva

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    Some of the people at my Petsmart are actually really knowledgable. Petco...not so much. LFS...holy NO! I was at a Petco in Tucson when we picked up my son for spring break and we stopped in to get some tiger barbs because the Petco in my area hadn't gotten any in for two weeks. I had a rain check for the barbs because they were on sale for $1, but they hadn't gotten any in before the sale ended, so they said I could use it at any Petco. Anyway, I told the lady at the Petco in Tucson I wanted six tiger barbs and she proceeded to drill me about what size tank they'd be in, what tank mates they would have, what kind of filter I had, what the set up was like, etc. I was rather impressed (even though my mom was getting upset because the lady was asking me so many questions and my mom thought she was acting like I didn't know what I was doing because I'm "young", yeah, I'm 27 lol).
  17. bolivianbaby

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    It is extremely frustrating. I've learned to handle it one person at a time, educate them, and wait for something good to come of it.

    We have to remember that we can't cram unwanted information down people's throats. Speak to the receptive ones and be respectful to the unreceptive ones. Education is the key. Keeping our cool can make the difference on whether or not someone follows up on the information we provide them and performs further research. Pet stores not knowing proper care for animals is something that a lot of people cannot fathom.
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    It's like my favorite signature on the board here (sorry can't remember who, I want to say Lucy or Shawnie) Don't point the finger, lend a hand :)
  19. bolivianbaby

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    That's Shawnie's sig. I love it myself;D

    My other favorite is Sirdarksol's quote "By and large, people are stupid". That's what you say when you get back into the car after trying to educate a person who doesn't care what type of conditions their animal is kept in.;)
  20. Tigerfishy

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    Hendryx, that is soooo true!!! I have an LFS practically next door, and the guy knew everything. he was doing so well until the famous "Ah well in the wild, bettas live in little muddy puddles, they don't need mcuh space. They live in water not much taller than themselves. I looked at him and then looked away, ignoring the statement as this was the only mistake the guy made!!
    Oh, he was doing SOOO well, and then BOOM, the decider. I take what he says with a pinch of salt, acting interested, but usually, he's correct.

    On another tack we touched on here, a couple of my bettas are in their own 14 litre tanks. That works out to be about 3.7 gals to put it into context (for people like me with conversion issues lol!). The box the tank came in says that you can put 3 goldfish in there. Yes, 3 12 inch monsters and all I have is a little 2 inch betta in there. The tank makers would be so disappointed haha!

    (To let you know, the 10 litre version advises 2 goldfish, and the 21 litre version advises a whopping 5 goldfish. I wonder how they would feel knowing you couldn't even put one in?)