Frustrated With Plants And Algae, Need Help

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by blindfaith429, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. blindfaith429

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    Previously, I had posted about my Moneywort having issues. My tank has some smaller lights on it that were running for 6 hours a day, and I was dosing Easy Green 1 time per week.

    The stalks of my moneywort were turning brownish, so I upped the lighting to 8 hours, and started dosing the Easy Green 2 times a week.

    The moneywort seems to be doing better, the healthy stalks are growing well, and I took out the dying brownish colored ones.

    On a side note, my Anubias plants are doing great, the added light and fertilizers made both plants sprout and grow a new leaf each, so they are obviously liking the change.

    The downside, is that now I have brown algae in the tank. Part of me was somewhat happy, as I was thinking about getting a couple Otocinclus for this tank (10 gallon with 1 Betta), but on the other hand, I was a little sad to see it start to grow, knowing this meant something wasn't right with the tank.

    I am going to go back to fertilizing once per week, but leaving the light on for the 8 hours. I'm hoping that by cutting back the fertilizers, the algae will slow, but the plants will still do okay.

    Am I doing the right thing? Trying different things to see what works for my tank? Should I also cut the lighting back, even though the plants I have seemed to get a boost from it?

  2. Zigi Zig

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    It seem your tank is slightly under balance and is between your fertilizer and lights since you not using Co2.. You are on the right track to trying different things there is only few things is
    Moneywort, Anubias requires quality aquarium fertilizer you might want to look another option with more additional nutrition also Moneywort likes lights Moderate to High but Anubias low to Moderate i would suggested keep lights on moderate...
  3. OP

    blindfaith429Valued MemberMember

    Correct, I am not using Co2 on my tank.

    I figured I'd cut back the fertilizer first, as I was under the impression that the Moneywort was a medium to high light need.

    Honestly, if I keep having issues, I may just pull the Moneywort and try some other plant that will have similar needs to the Anubias. I really like the look of the Moneywort, but was afraid this would happen.
  4. Zigi Zig

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    The option is always there i have done it million times switching plants.. since you have i would go possibly with other types of Anubias also adding simple CO2 supply is always recommended because the CO2 supply, despite the low light and ensures the growth of the plants and they will pretty much grow out of your tank :)
  5. Vishaquatics

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    I wouldn’t cut back on fertilizer. Brown algae is caused when there’s a ton of light but not enough CO2. When you dose easy green twice, is it at full dose for your tank? I also see a pothos plant in there. It is likely outcompeting your aquarium plants for nutrients.

    I would try a split photo period instead. Try four hours on, two hours off, four hours on. This way, you get a long enough photo period and it will also allow for CO2 levels to build which helps the plants as well
  6. OP

    blindfaith429Valued MemberMember

    According to the Easy Green label, it says to squirt one time per week for low-light plants, and 2 times per week for medium light plants. So yes, 2 squirts is "full dose" per week for medium light plants. I was doing 1 squirt per week, but went to 2 when the Moneywort started looking bad.

    Right now, the light is on for about 2 or 3 hours in the morning (while I'm getting ready for work) and about 5 or 6 in the evening (when I'm home from work). I can try to break it up more, so its more balanced at 4 and 4.

    The plants in my tank are:
    1 - Dwarf Anubias (Anubias Nana) (attached to drift-wood)
    1 - Anubias Barteri (attached to drift-wood)
    ~8 stalks of Moneywort, in 2 different "clumps", planted into the gravel substrate

    EDIT: When I was doing 2 squirts, I would do 1 squirt on Sunday, 1 squirt on Wednesday, and a 50% WC on Saturday. When I was doing 1 squirt, I would do the squirt on Sunday, and the WC on Saturday, so the fertilizers would have plenty of time to work.
  7. Vishaquatics

    VishaquaticsWell Known MemberMember

    What size is your tank? One squirt treats 10 gallons of water. So if you had a 50 gallon tank, you’d need 5 squirts in one “dose”.
  8. OP

    blindfaith429Valued MemberMember

    10 gallon