Fruit Loop tetra dyed?

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All the LFS's in Kingston (ON) sell a fish called a fruit loop tetra, I have two (didn't suspect till recently). They look a lot like a white skirt tetra. The male has very elegang fins and a slight blue tint where the female is less spectacular and has a slight pink tint. The colours have faded significantly since they were bought.

I'm suspicios mainly because of the name. Also I find it unlikley that natureal selection whould make a female would be pink and a male blue (kinda a human imposed association).

what'dd ya think?
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I'd have to absolutely agree with you.

Not only is it tacky, kitschy, and cruel,

but they have to be so obvious and stupid with color coordinating the gender.

ugh, so cruel.
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Yes, the fruit loop tetra is a commonly painted species unfortunately. In most cases, they're actually: Indian Glassy Fish (Parambassis ranga). Those fish stores don't deserve anyone's business and should be added to the list of fish-hating shops. The coloring process is so cruel and the results still don't compare to natural coloring that I wouldn't buy a flake of food from any store/chain selling them. The color should be completely gone within 6-10 months.
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Yeah. I think they are dyed too. Don't beat yourself up about it, you didn't know.
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yea, you're someone who cares about fish.. the people who dye fish should be locked up. Certainly, I would think it qualifies as animal cruelty and should be punishable. I hate to see one of our little fish get a torn fin - how can these people torture the fish like that for fake color that fades in a process that kills so many fish.
:'( > >
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Some people just don't consider fish animals. It is sad-- I am sure that you will take good care of these fish. It isn't your fault, you didn't know-- I didn't know until I started on this forum.
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Yea, it's sad people feel like that.. I don't understand how cruelty to any living thing causes joy, but I guess some people do.

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