Frozen Food Thawed Out

Do I refreeze my thawed out cubed food?

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  • Only keep the stuff that hasn't been used

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  • Don't keep any of it

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Hey everyone, I was wanting some advice because I'm finding lots of mixed responses.

I just got home this morning after spending the night with family. Walked in my apartment to immediately see my freezer door wide open and hamburger blood all over the floor (thanks cats :banghead. Literally everything in my freezer was completely thawed out, including my frozen fish food (blood worms, daphnia, and Brine shrimp). All the cubed frozen fish food is in the original sealed packages. The freezer door was open for up to 21 hours but no longer. All of the fish food was mushy (I keep them in the freezer door).

Should I pitch all the fish food? I have one of each pack that is in the process of being used and so the foil may not be 100% sealed. But there are a few packs that haven't been used once (long drive to the nearest fish store that sells frozen food so I buy a few packs at a time) so the foil shouldn't be compromised at all. Do I just throw the opened ones but keep the sealed?

I'm assuming frozen fish food is thawed and refrozen multiple times during the shipping process so I'm assuming the fully sealed ones will be okay but I'm not 100% sure about any of it.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


You could probably keep the parts that are still sealed but throw away the opened ones.

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