Frozen Brine Shrimp & Blood Worms (power outage)

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So my power was knocked out for about 14 hours Sunday night thanks to Debby. I managed to get through it with 4 separate UPS units I inherited from work that were upgraded or no longer needed (and I really should get a battery powered air stone since the smaller UPS's only gave me an hour or two each and I had no power to the filters for the last 3-4 hours). The lasted almost 5 hours powering two Aquaclear 50's and was a champ. It has an LCD display to show minutes remaining, which is handy, but that's for another post.

Today I went to feed my fish some brine shrimp out of the freezer, and my packets looked like they had thawed somewhat and refrozen. The shape of the wafers didn't change, it just appeared that the water liquefied a tad and refroze. Should I toss them and buy new ones? I fed them some this morning, but now I'm second guessing myself. It's not terribly expensive, so maybe I'm better safe than sorry, but I figured I'd pose the question.
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i'd agree you would be better safe than sorry, i'd through them out and get new
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I would have no issue feeding it to my fish. But that's only my 30 years of keeping fish and my biology degree talking .
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If it looks like just the liquid part thawed and refroze, I'd assume the center (IE where all the goods are) stayed frozen. I would think it would be fine, but since they're only $5ish per package, if you're worried you could always purchase more.

So sorry to hear about your power outage! I don't even want to think about something like that happening.
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I had a power outage a couple weeks ago. No battery powered pumps, couldn't go out and buy some.. I did 15% w/c every couple hours for the 18 hours it took to restore power. Exhausting, and perhaps overkill, but I had no casualties in any of the six tanks.
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I did end up doing a 50% change before I left for work the next day, and it had been running filterless for about 2-3 hours prior to that, which was the time I had managed to sleep. I intended to start water changes after the last unit died, but I passed out. I couldn't sleep knowing that my UPS's would need to be changed out as they died off, plus the beeping every 20-30 seconds kept me up, and in a house with no electricity, you can hear pins drop. I couldn't let my guys die or suffer any damage, but at one point I just dozed off. I was mostly worried because of my stock. There's 8 guppies that cycled the tank which I kept because I ended up being fond of them, along with 5 Panda Cory's and 9 quarter+ sized angelfish I'm growing out to a pair.. all in a 37 gallon tall. I do multiple water changes per week for them. I figured my stocking would cause mass trauma from ammonia under those circumstances, but I haven't seen any behavior changes thankfully and my tests the next day were all 0/0/20 still.

Even in light of that, since my UPS's are a decent solution to brief outages, I'm going out to buy a battery powered pump. I learned from my cousin who loves fishing that you can't buy those at most pet stores, which I found out the hard way.. they're used primarily by fisherman in buckets for live bait. A trip to Walmart should end in success.

Thanks for the insight on the frozen foods~

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