Frothy bubbles and worms!

  1. Lady Monster

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    I do at least two 50% water changes per week, as well as squeeze out my filter pad because the flakes tend to get pushed towards the filter via the chimney (bubbler) and then gets sucked up rather than eaten.

    I woke up yesterday to see thick frothy bubbles gathered on about half of the surface. What ive read is that these are protein bubbles, and that over feeding is a common cause.

    So i started to do a water change, i vacuumed all the gravel and plants well, but as im looking to judge if i want to remove any more water i see teeny tiny worms on the glass!!!! Im grossed out honestly but ill have to assume that they were introduced into the aquarium by my driftwood. I had it soaking for a week, outside. So something probably laid eggs in the water or on the wood and then i hatched them in the tank. Now what ive read about the worms is that if they are visible then they probably aren't parasitic. And that water changes and fasting can resolve this problem.

    Is any of this accurate? Has anyone else had this happen to them before? My plan as of now is cut down feeding, and i read that 3-4 days is ok as in they can fast for that long. And also the fish will eat the worms.

    I didnt test my water during this time but i will be able to tonight. I already did my water change and so far no frothy bubbles, but i did see at least 1 worm and the fish ignored it while it wiggled around right in front of their faces so idk that they will really eat these or if some gross flying bug is going to be in my room later. I suppose they are larvae or maggots rather than worms. But what do i know.[​IMG]its a bad pic but they were not easy to focus on with my phone.
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    Don't worry. Fear not because to me that looks like a planaria worm. It could be a detritus worm but I can't tell from the picture. Both are similar in looks but detritus worms are thinner and longer. I'd look up some images of both to make sure. Both of these dudes are harmless to fish HOWEVER, planaria can attack weak fish and act like a parasite but that's only in very very nearly dead fish so you shouldn't worry about anything. I had an explosion of detritus worms a few weeks back in my tank, literally millions of them EVERYWHERE! They were coating my drift wood so I got a turkey baster and sucked up quite a few of them. After that I stirred up my sand and they were floating around the tank. I considered a water change but all my fish then proceeded to consume every floating detritus worm. These worms are very common and inhabit pretty much every fw tank. Planaria don't do much, and as for detritus, they help break down waste and excess food in the gravel. As for your bubbles i have no experience with them sorry
  3. OP
    Lady Monster

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    It does look like the detritus worm to me.