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Froth In Tank And Ammonia Levels

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by ffishh, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. ffishh New Member Member

    the filter system is causing frothy bubbles in my tank, and so was the bubbler. they'll stick around near the surface. it used to be so bad it covered pretty much the entire surface, but i did a 3/4 water change, and then 2/4 water change. i also took out most of the gravel, filtered out gunk and washed the rocks. it's made it better slightly but i can't turn the bubbler on or it will get frothy again.

    i also can't get the ammonia levels down. it's at 1 in a 20 gallon tank. i don't think it's realistic to have the levels at 0 with a fish in there, but i just wanted to be sure. i tested it before and after the tank cleanings. it was at 1.5 before, now it's at 1. is that dangerous, and/or is there a way to get it down?

  2. Gourami36 Well Known Member Member

    Are you cycling the tank? Ammonia isn’t dangerous until 2ppm but it’s better to have 0. You don’t need to get ammonia levels down until 2ppm if you are cycling your tank because they feed your bb
    Edit: I saw that you have a fish oops. What fish is it?

  3. ffishh New Member Member

    i have both the filter and bubbler on but i'm thinking of cleaning the filter system out and rinsing the filter in a bucket of the tank water (it got really dirty really fast for some reason) . that's good to know, thank you :D

    it's an oranda goldfish! he's the only fish in there.

  4. Gourami36 Well Known Member Member

    Goldfish produce a lot of waste so maybe that’s why ammonia was that’s high. How much do you feed him and how long have you kept fish?
  5. ffishh New Member Member

    aaahh okay. i feed him twice a day, and i feed him some peas in the morning as a preventative for swim bladder. after he eats i'll go in there and siphon the stuff left at the bottom out. i don't feed him in big amounts, at least i think. i maybe give him 5-7 medium sized pellets.

    he's been in this tank for about a week or two
  6. Gourami36 Well Known Member Member

    Was the tank cycled?
  7. ffishh New Member Member

    i tried cycling it without the fish at first. i added in liquid bacteria and water about a week. the tank had bacteria bloom for a while, but i added in some fish flakes in it died down. i waited about a week and a half and then tested the water and all the levels were normal. i think it worked but i could've done something wrong and it's cycling now?
  8. david1978 Fishlore Legend Member

    If your showing ammonia then it didn't cycle before hand. It sounds like your doing a fish in cycle now. Water changes will be your friend to keep ammonia down. If your source water has zero a 50% water change will only reduce it by 50% so water changes will be needed. Were it effects fish is still highly debated some say 2 others say 1 me personally I don't use prime so I try to stay under .5.
  9. ffishh New Member Member

    oh okay! thank you! will that bring the frothing in the tank down too? or is that too much waste?
  10. david1978 Fishlore Legend Member

    The froth is probably a combination of things. Waiste, bacterial and algea blooms will all cause it to an extent. Even cloudy water isn't a sign of water quality. Once your tank cycles most of these things will solve themselves. Just keep up on testing and water changes to keep the water safe and you will be good.
  11. ffishh New Member Member

    so it's not dangerous if i keep doing water changes okay :D thank you both!