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From the tap Help

  1. meanddoxie

    meanddoxie Valued Member Member

    yesterday I posted my insane numbers in my tank and I honestly didnt think they were that drastically different than what you would get from the tap, nonetheless today my ammonia was at 1 where yesterday it was .5 and my Nitrites had also doubled through the night. I am also missing a fish :( I assume it got weak and then eaten, or she is freaked by the water change and is hiding really well.

    So I did a 50% change and my from the tap numbers are:
    ph 6.8
    nitrites 0
    ammonia 0
    kh 30 drops x 10 = kh of 300 x 0.056= 16.8 dh
    GH 1 drop x 20 = gh of 20 x 0.056= 1.12 dh

    I will copy my numbers from yesterday so you can see the difference
    ph 6 (or lower)
    1.0 Nitrites
    .5 ammonia
    KH was 4 drops times 10, 40 mg/L (PPM) =2.24 dh
    GH at 580 mg/L or (PPM) = 32.48 dh

    So seeing the major differences especially in hardness I am wondering what is going on in my tank! I have Endlers that are always a different population, 8 (now 7) serpae tetra, 4 albino corydoras, 1 medium sized common pleco and snails. My filter is a double HOB, I am moderatley planted and have three medium pieces of driftwood. I don't overfeed and a large portion of the diet is fresh veggies and fruit that is removed when they stop munching.

    Thanks for your help. I am wondering if the veggies are making my numbers look worse than they are?
  2. I love my puffer

    I love my puffer Valued Member Member

    These parameter changes can be very bad for your fis. Bio load is what comes to mind. How often do you clean your tank? How big is it? Please start 25 percent water change once a week. This should keep things in check. Also consider reacerching your fish a little more to see what size tank they need, tankmates, etc. and keep that in check too. it could be live plants or driftwood.
    Are they store bought or did you find it. Plants are living and can contribute to bio load. Please try to upload a pic of your tank and your cleaning schedule.

    I love my puffer