30 Gallon Tank From Rags to Riches... A 30g journey

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Ok i've thought about this a bit and have come up with a plan for you based off my own experience with these fish.
I've compiled them in a step by step guide below...

1. Gutload males and females together in the main tank by supplementing diet by feeding frozen or live foods

(You can only be able to put the males and females together to gutload them if you don't have a large amount of densely packed fine leaved plants like java moss. If you have a lot of Java moss like plants in your tank you would need to get them moved out. If you don't then the CPDs will start to lay their eggs everywhere and you won't be able to harvest them. You can use some of it though as spawning medium though)

2. After 3-7 days before bed put a container full of java moss/other fine leaved plants in the main tank

3. In the morning take the container with plants out and rinse the plants out in a medium sized circular container. You can then rearrange the plants in the container and put it back in the tank.

4. After rinsing take a turkey baster and swirl it in a circular motion in the container
(This will cause all the eggs to congregate into the middle where you can then suck up all the eggs easily. You may have to do this a few times)

5. Place all sucked up eggs in a smaller container and place them in a container or HOB breeder box.
(I recommend an HOB breeder box because success rates are higher but if you can't afford one then I recommend getting a container that can hang inside the tank, the one that they use at pet stores while catching your fish.)

Something like this but probs one that is like 5 bucks lol:
Amazon.com: Lee's Convalescent Home/Specimen Container - Large: Pet Supplies

(You can just use a tupperware container and float it in the tank but you run the risk of the container tipping over and losing all your eggs)

(If you use a container siphon out water from near the bottom of the tank and put the water in a small container (you can use the same one that you used for moving the eggs). Shine a light from your phone under the container to find any eggs you may have sucked up and put them back into the container. You can then dump the water back in the tank or dispose of the water some way else.)

(If you use a HOB breeder box clean it the same way as a container but you would be able to clean it less because it is dripping in fresh water constantly which is the reason why I like it so much)

6. Once the eggs hatch and are free swimming you can the take them out and move them to a bare bottom 5-10g tank with a sponge filter.

(For HOB breeder box you can suck them up with the turkey baster or by scooping them out with a small container that fits inside the breeder box)

(For a container you can just dump them in the tank)

7. Once the fry are a size that you are positive won't fit in the parent's mouth you can put them back in with them in the main tank.

(You can feed the fry fine crushed up flakes, hikari first bites, infusoria, and once bigger you can start feeding them Baby Brine Shrimp (BBS))

(I can't say the exact size the fry will need to be in order to be moved back to the main tank. You will need to eyeball it. Listen to your gut)

8. Keep repeating placing the container with moss in the tank and harvesting eggs until you notice your CPDs female's tummy's become less round. You then take out the container with the moss and gutload your CPDs again, repeating the cycle.

There are other ways in doing this that involves 3+ tanks but I feel that this way would maximize your fry gain while minimizing the amount of space needed.

I hope this helps you in your breeding endeavors if you have any more questions don't be shy please let me know and i'll be happy to answer them when I get the chance!!

If you also have any questions during your breeding process ask it in this thread and i'll answer that too when I get the chance.

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After further observation I discovered that the cory's will eat any eggs that they accidentally run into when foraging.
Eggs that are on the bottom of the tank are more susceptible to getting eaten by a passing by cory then an egg laid on the glass.
They will not however deliberately target the egg like most fish. Although if they are hungry they may decide to target the eggs for nourishment.

I have changed my schedule to harvest all eggs on the glass and floor every night around 8pm and to harvest all eggs on the glass and moss cup on the 3rd day.

For me they actually readily spawn if it's going to rain or if its recently rained.

Right when it was raining a bit where I lived was when they started to spawn which is kinda interesting.

At least now I will be able to predict when they will spawn and prepare as well as gutload them during the time in between precipitation.

I'm actually trying to convince my mom to let me have a dedicated mini rack system for breeding my fish including the corys.

I'll just breed so much fish that I won't have anymore room and she'll have to let me get more tanks!! MUAHAHAHA.

But we'll see even if she doesn't agree i'll manage.

I also now have a decided time to go to the LFS!

I am either going Monday May 31st or if my mom can't take me cause she is too busy, Saturday June 5th.

That week i'll be getting off of school so i'll be able to finally start the process of rescaping the tank (if I get all the materials that week that is).

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2 of the eggs I salvaged from the main tank a while back hatched!

Just waiting to see how many hatch from the breeding project. I’m estimating that there should be 15-20. Anything significantly less means that I gotta change something.

Here is one of the babies he’s right in the center.

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It was a big day today! A bunch of things changed.

First thing is that finally got a betta!

I made a thread with a poll on this forum asking whether or not I should get a fancy or wild type betta. Most that voted said I should get a wild type.

When I got to the store I went to the sorority tank they had and saw all these amazing wild type female bettas. There was a greenish one and one that was kinda platinum that stood out to me.

I then decided to look around the store a bit more and saw this very handsome giant betta that just drew me in so I decided to get him. (sorry everyone that said I should get a wild type heh).

So without further ado I would like to introduce everyone to the newest addition to my fishy family...

Pog Champ the Giant Betta!
I named him Pog Champ because POG is gamer slang for "particularly awesome moments" or "excitement". It is definitely awesome that I was able to get him and I want to believe he is excited for his new life.

Also to me he kinda looks like the Pog Champ emote from twitch so I thought it would be funny to name him that.

There is a lot more I want to say but i'm tired so i'll continue tomorrow lol
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The second thing that has changed are the plans for all my current aquariums and aquariums to come.

The day before the pastor of my church that owns the pet store asked me if I wanted to become a supplier for him.

He said that he would provide me with what I needed to get started as well as some caridina shrimps when the time comes.

My mom was hesitant at the idea that I would have a whole bunch of aquariums in my room but I convinced her to let me by telling her that I would be supporting my pastor's store and helping it grow.

Because of all this I made the executive decision to rescape my tank in a way that I can grow many kinds of plants for my pastor's store. This would benefit me as well cost wise because I can grow all the plants for free.

This is the start of a new exciting journey in my life! I am so blessed that I now have this opportunity to help my pastor's business grow and amass even more tanks.

The end of this thread will come soon once I get around to setting the tank up. Then I will start a new thread for my Fish Capitalist Journey.

I apologize that this thread kinda got sidetracked off the main point of rescaping the 30g but don't worry! I'll make sure to scape Pog Champ's tank really nice just for you guys.

Thank you all for sticking along with me until the end!

See you all in a bit!
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Last night Pog Champ seemed to be kinda lethargic. He was just staying up near the surface of the tank not moving.

I thought it was because of nitrate buildup so I did a 50% water change and added about 1tbsp of aquarium salt.

He seemed to be doing a bit better so I thought he would be ok but when I woke up the next morning I found that he had passed away during the night...

I still am not 100% sure as to what caused this.

Maybe it was the sudden water change and addition in salt. Perhaps it was age.

All I know is that if I caused his death or not through it he has reminded me to give the best care possible to all my pets and to not rush the process of nature.
I can't bake something at 800 degrees and expect it to turn out well; it needs to be gradual.

In the week he was with me Pog Champ had filled me with great joy. He was a great fish when alive and still is after death.

I am so blessed and honored to have had you in my life Pog Champ.

Thank You my fishy friend. For everything.


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I finally got around to finish scaping the 30g.

There is some sand in the front for the cories and rocks separating the sand from the plant substrate.
I made this scape more open since i'll be pulling fish out of there frequently.

The container in the middle is for my CPD breeding but I am planning on changing my method soon.
My fish capitalism plans might have a little flaw…

My mom doesn’t want to hear or talk about anything related to setting up an aquarium rack.
So because of this I am pretty much limited to the 3 tanks I have now.

I am not sure if her mind will change. I can’t convince her at all. She will have to make the choice for herself.

When and if she does change her mind I will start a thread for the documentation of the building of the aquarium rack.

This 30g journey is at its end now.
Hopefully I can get my new journey started soon.

Thanks again everyone and I’ll see you soon!
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I became invested in this thread the moment I read u had named one of your honeys golden experience

Good luck with ur fishy capitalism goals❤️
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Hey everyone!

I know I ended this thread a while back kinda suddenly and that the ending of the journey didn't hold up to expectations like my first post said.

So i've decided that i'm going to start a thread that will have updates on all my tanks and updates on my fishy capitalism.

I'm planning to open it once I finished my shrimp tank. I will link the thread here once it comes out

I also planted the 30g more cause I didn't really like how it looked when we last left it and for other reasons that I will explain in more detail in the new thread.



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Quick update

Got some 50 CPD eggs today.
Since it’s raining I’m going to try to spawn my Pygmy Corys.
They’re in my 20g for now.
So I’m gonna start posting more updates here for organization just since I have a lot of tanks to take care of.
So I’m gonna start posting more updates here for organization just since I have a lot of tanks to take care of. They’ll be short and sweet but more frequent so hope you all enjoy that.

30 gallon is looking good today. Previously I had bought some Super Red Ludwigia, Rotala Rotundifolia, and Dwarf Water Lily for some red in the tank.
The Ludwigia and Rotala have grown a bit and are starting to turn more green. The lilies though are getting pretty big with the one on the right side of the tank being the biggest.

30g currently


Left side of the tank. On the far left is the Ludwigia, back is the lily, and far right is the Rotala.


Right side of the tank. This dwarf lily has gotten really big really fast, much faster than the lily on the left side.

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Sorry for the late updates, I’ve gotten more busy from school and athletics. But since I have a bit of time I’ll give a quick update.

This Sunday I had a bible study at my house for my Indonesian church so my pastor/fish store boss brought over some fish that I had been waiting to work with…

Lemon Blue Eye Bristlenose Plecos!


Usually these fish would be a bit costly (around 100$ for these 5) but my pastor was kind enough to gift them to me at no cost so I could breed them. I really am grateful for him.

Currently, all 5 of them are in my 10g quarantine tank and are being medicated with Ich-X and Maracyn. After a week of dosing these medications I’ll start them with paracleanse.

My plan for these guys is to keep them in the 10g and when they get more size, transfer them to my 30g and 20g. Although my plans sometimes don’t go as planned so I’m prepared to be a bit flexible.
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Hey everyone,
School had been keeping me busy so I hadn't had much time to go breed fish and go on fishlore. But now that finals are over I plan to jump start all my projects and ideas to life again.

I'm planning on posting breeding plans and changes on this thread again Since i'm continuing my journey, it's only right that I do so in the thread that started it all.

My "SterSter's Aquascapes and Fish" thread will still be open, but will most-likely have more general updates and pics on all my tanks and fish.

I am sorry for going so long without posting, I hope you all will have me again. But I'm back now so I'll do my best to make y'all proud!
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Hey all, I’ll start the updates with my CPD breeding first.

So far after just getting back into it, I’ve had much success using the Shawshanked egg trap I made based off Blake’s egg trap design. With it, I got over 30 eggs with it this week. Fry pics coming soon


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Three days ago I moved some CPDs in the 30g the center 10g aquarium. I have in there a 1:3-4 M:F ratio with 2 Males and 6-7 females. I installed the auto breeder and have been getting approx. 10 eggs a day which has been good.
Unfortunately the center tank sprung a leak on the bottom. There is a good and bad side to this. Good: it is small, so thanks to the slight forward tilt to my table I was able to use a towel to redirect the water to a bucket. Bad: there is a slight forward tilt to my table which is gonna cause all the tanks to crack on it sooner or later.
So, to afford a new 10g or fix my current one and buy a sturdier table, I'm gonna need to sell off some of my CPDs. So hope that Hippity Hoppity my fish won't go ploppity before I can remedy this.

My center 10g, kinda annoying to empty out to maintain water level for optimum harvesting, but I would need to do this work with wc anyways. The harvester is on the right.
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A week or so has passed since I last updated and a lot of things have happened

So the 10g that was leaking started leaking even more and made an ocean on my floor so I had to take it out and now where it once stood I set up a little work area for Brine Shrimp and egg harvesting!


Concerning the other fish my Celestial Pearl Danios are doing spectacular and are all super fat and chonky. I have like 30 of them in a 20g I gotta start selling some of them cause my Pleco breeding trio is in there too and we all know how much they , plus it’s getting kinda cramped in there.


Dragon Guppies are doing all good too. Before I had two separate colonies of them but now cause of space constraints I slapped them all together in the 30g. There’s about 50 guppies in there with parents and babies so I gotta start selling them off soon.


Got a lot of baby fish also like plecos, CPDs, and ricefish. Hope to breed more of them in the future.

Ricefish Eggs

CPD wigglers

Pleco Fry

CPD fry

There will be a bunch more breeding plans, updates, and renovations in the future. See y’all soon POG!

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