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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Tank Photos' started by lunch, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. lunchValued MemberMember

    When I met my partner several years ago, she had a basketball sized goldfish bowl on her kitchen bench with 1 fancy goldfish, she'd had it for a few years and rarely paid much attention to it except to keep the water level up, only fed it once or twice a week, a few years later and still no idea about fish keeping we decided to move him to a larger tank and give him some friends which didn't end well for any fish involved, after all, a 15 ltr tank with 3 goldfish was never going to work but we didn't know any better, we were still just putting water straight from the tap into the tank, without treating it... When only 1 of the 3 fish remained, I decided to do it properly and get a real tank and I started doing research, decided a fish in cycle was the go because we already had 1 fish, we got another goldfish, 10 danios and 10 wcmm and we were good, once it was cycled we added some orandas ( we were still pretty clueless ) and the tank looked like this 879511ea7806817dd64f6dfcb86d32c7.jpg

    Having had this tank ( 250 litre ) running for about a year, I was kinda over being limited by the size of it so we started looking for something a little bigger..
    4833edc18126eacf3f6f71dea35544be.jpg 1 week before pulling the tank down...

    A month or so after transferring the contents of the 250ltr to the new puppy, it looked pretty average 20c508f0acbff4478f28c704e524e8ec.jpg
    Everything from the 1st tank is in this tank for a comparison..
    6ft x 2ft x 2.5ft 700litres

    About a month later I finally found some dw I liked and could see scaping around.
    165cms long 40cms wide 50 cms tall

    Unfortunately, my zero experience with dw and the sheer size of it left me ill equipped to deal with the buoyancy issue, my first attempt to weight it down nearly sent a rock the size of a skull through the rear glass, so I adapted
    Although I really liked it, being able to watch how my fish interacted with the underneath side of the dw was cool, it caused lighting problems

    Figuring my knowledge had now exceeded goldfish keeping, I went to trade them in, I was hoping for some more rainbows to add but the lfs didn't have any so I came home with a couple discus and some swords, all of which would eventually die c5336ca70bd2f0919001824368b3d728.jpg

    My partner was over the old tank taking up space in the garage so we sold it and used the $ to buy a 2nd light b3cbe2863fe964d7b80fc2f3d92a0e7b.jpg

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  2. jakefosterValued MemberMember

    liking the story mate, keep it coming!

  3. KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    I would have kept the goldfish, now I'm just bored.

  4. lunchValued MemberMember

    The limitations on tankmates with goldfish was the deciding vote @KimberlyG that and their relentless uprooting of the plants. Sorry if my story is boring you.

    As much as I liked the dw floating ( i had it wedged just below the surface ) every time I did maintenance I had to reset it, the large piece wasn't too bad but the smaller piece was a p.i.t.a. until 1 day when doing a pwc I noticed the large piece wasn't a buoyant as it used to be so I pushed it to the bottom, carefully and strategically place a rock on it, closed my eyes, held my breath and let go 0fdec02594810fd38707ed8d50d771e7.jpg
    Only 10 months after first putting it in the tank, I finally got it to sit on the bottom, big difference to the 2 weeks the guy that sold it to me told me it would take

    So basically I had to reset, which wasn't a bad thing, I wasn't too happy with how the floor looked, for some reason I kept trying to grow swords but it seems any substrate feeding plant is beyond my skill or commitment but I gave it 1 last shot e86e76cfdd6d9bf6893909b036969f64.jpg
    I also managed to wedge the small dw under the large dw in such a fashion as to create area where I couldn't see into, allowing my upside down cats to hide with ease

    Might be a good time for a stock list..
    ( sorry it won't be alphabetical )
    12 wcmm ( most are the originals from when I cycled the small tank, about 3 years ago )
    3 danios
    3 salmon red rainbows ( all male )
    5 lake kutubu rainbows ( 1 m 4 f )
    6 boesemani rainbows ( 3 m 3 f )
    2 Murray river rainbows ( both male )
    4 mccullochs rainbows ( 1 m 3 f )
    4 threadfin rainbows ( 1 m 3 f )
    4 celebes rainbows ( 1 m 3 f )
    4 forktail rainbows ( 2 m 2 f )
    2 praecox rainbows ( both female )
    5 odessa barbs ( 2 m 3 f )
    7 torpedo barbs ( no idea )
    5 albino corys ( 2 m 3 f )
    2 julii corys ( no idea )
    2 yoyo loaches ( 1 m 1 f )
    4 rummy nose
    9 neons
    4 harlequin rasbora ( 2 black 2 standard )
    4 celestial pearl danios
    2 flying foxes
    1 SAE
    4 khuli loaches ( I think, haven't seen them for a while )
    3 pearl danios
    2 upside down catfish
    1 peppermint pleco ( m )
    1 kribensis ( f )
    1 betta ( m )
    3 bumblebee gobys ( haven't seen them for a few weeks ?? )

    Now these fish haven't always been together, I had a smaller tank with the small fish in it but my partner wanted frogs so that tank got taken down and they merged, the betta and the neons had a rough first day but 5 months on and all is still peaceful

    An earlier version of the merged tank, 90ltrs

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  5. KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    Your story was not boring me, I couldn't see any fish. Goldfish are kinda in your face, always swimming out where you can see them. In the new pics I can see fish.
  6. NightShadeWell Known MemberMember

    Can't wait to hear more! Your tanks have been very pretty since the beginning. Lol on how long it took that driftwood to sink. And it's good to know about how difficult it is to sink a piece that size.. I would've run into the same problem.. hopefully without broken glass everywhere, which would've been my luck.
  7. lunchValued MemberMember

    Decided that the small, top dwelling fish needed a little cover so went with some sprite and left most of it floating, I could only get the swords to grow sproutlets off the main stem, the actual leaves on the plant died as with every sword previous, I also thought I'd relocate the newly added Java fern from the floor to the large dw in an attempt to make it look alive
    since this picture I decided to keep the plants as simple as I could and stick with the ones that look after themselves, from this point I've only added 1 anubias to a new, small piece of dw that you may notice turn up in the middle/front in later pics and a small amount of Java moss, all the rest is growth..
    Plants list:
    Java fern x 7
    Java moss x 1
    Anubias on dw x 4
    Bunch of Sprite x 1

    The tank runs a single, Aqua One 2700uvc canister filter with a pre filter sock on the intake but I had a stage where I decided to add 2 small internal sponge filters for a couple of reasons, 1. because my partner wanted bubbles in the tank 2. a little extra surface agitation 3. just to add a little extra filtration.. but I found them to be a p.i.t.a to maintain so they got the boot, I rigged a couple air line holders with some spare parts from under the tank that used the sponge filter mounts just to keep up the agitation 9ef2f349eb4567e038935ad9d4fac287.jpg
    Notice the 2 plants in the left corner, not sure what I was thinking there, they only lasted a week so I don't count them as additions, the new small anubias on dw is on the right in this picture, the anubias hybrid on the left I am currently nursing back from almost dead, the 1 in the centre and the 1 in the rear right corner ( hard to pick the difference between it and the new 1 in front ) have gone crazy since this picture, it seems that they prefer being on the right side of the tank but I'll cover that a bit later
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  8. JesseMoreira06Well Known MemberMember

    Great story and nice aquascape , I'm a huge fan of Goldfish but with 15 tanks I keep alot of different species of fish.

    But I thought I might add tho , their is some stocking problems as well as temperature problems. Some arnt in big enough groups , Some thrive in temps of 80F while others thrive in temps of 70F.
  9. lunchValued MemberMember

    Thanks for that.
    I'll get right on top of it.

    The sprite started growing better than I expected and the bubbles just got annoying, the air lines were unsightly, the whole bubbles concept just wasn't natural enough for my liking so they had to go. 3184c121802dc3e831733790825f4c2c.jpg
    November 2016:
    The tank was now 14 months old and the plants were beginning to look after themselves, I'd given up on using root tabs because they just weren't working for me, not long after this I removed the 2 remaining sword stems and just had the water feeding plants, note the rock on the dw weighing it down, I'm not sure if it's needed anymore but that's still there to this day though it's no longer visible.. The white lines on the left side of the tank are my pwc guide ( that was only meant to be temporary, I was going to make a neater one but haven't gotten around to it ) each line represents 45 litres, a very simple but effective gauge so I know how much comes out and how much I have to allow for when treating what goes back in.
    Maintenance consists of:
    Small pwc of 135 litres once a week, three times a month
    Large pwc of 180 litres the fourth week of the month
    All pwc's done via gravel vac, alternating halves of the tank
    Pre filter sock rinse twice per week
    Glass scrub once per month or as required
    Filter and piping clean every six months
    Prime water conditioner
    Locally made water stability chemicals I get from my lfs

    Im not interested in the nightmare of treating that volume of water prior to putting it in the tank, I ran buckets for 9 months in the first tank, could you imagine 180 litres in 15 litre buckets? 12 trips from the tap treating each bucket as I go, plus the top of the tank is 170 cms high, I could hook up some plumbing from the bath upstairs but the tank is in the lounge room, if I destroy the house for the tank, it defeats the purpose of having it, nope! I just hook a hose to the laundry tap and let her go
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  10. lunchValued MemberMember

    May 2017:
    As mentioned earlier, my partner wanted frogs so the best part of the next few months were spent on research for that, learning how to create a paludarium, how to create and maintain humidity, plants, feeding etc so the tank got left to grow for a while and before I noticed it had turned into this
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  11. lunchValued MemberMember

    It was around about this time that when stalking 1 of my lfs I noticed a small but effective trick that I would steal and exploit to great length, in a lot of their small tanks they had vegie clips holding bunches of plants, so I bought a few and tried it out, I got a few new java fern growths and put them in the clips, to begin with I had them suction cupped to the front glass but that was a mistake, my partner decided we should move them to the rear glass to fill it in, everytime I drive past that lfs I pick up a few clips and every month or so I take new sprouts and add them to the wall, at this stage I think there's about 12 in there, I can't see most of them due to the density of growth, needless to say I'm very happy with the result.. 26bc1d6078d78cb37372ed5eb2d3609c.jpgveggie clip
    31833801f0fef45af2b3eb184488c213.jpg java fern

    New area:
    684eb75989796f391fcf01d9c730a226.jpg before
    9854c05fe5a8a6dfd09571b4d679654a.jpg after

    Old area: b094f77947c858669a358897436f9f0f.jpg

    Every month or so I get about this much 4f871f40e40bdd15eb5ef915b4f6c0e6.jpg

    And remove about this much sprite 9fecb810e9526061dc03ce9143deabd7.jpg

    With the corridor of green along the back it has given the smaller fish a lot more confidence to move further around the tank, the betta too..

    when pulling out the sprite on the weekend I found all 3 gobys, pretty happy about that
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  12. lunchValued MemberMember

    Maybe time for a few pics of my fish
    ( some are salvaged from my discontinued acc on a different forum )

    Lake kutubu
    Murray river
    Salmon red 599839c6eeffab59483518834fb5a3cb.jpg
    Upside down cat
    Peppermint plec

    I'll post more when I've got the time to sit in front of the tank and wait for the shy fish to do a drive by
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  13. lunchValued MemberMember

    Had to go to my lfs on the weekend to get a few more veggie clips but they were all out, necessity being the mother of invention, I came up with this idea, airline hose suction cups, much less visible and 6 for the price of 2 veggie clips, plus I had a few under the tank already.. they look like this d6cae28311af6c230a4f7b0aca57fe98.jpg just put the rhizome through the holder and wrap the roots around the outside and you're good to go, added 7 new plants to the side glass 3e215b942aa969d62b824537e6cd4b35.jpg
    Also managed to talk 25% off a 4foot grow spectrum LED which brightens up the tank really well 0328a1a495b90d67f3fccb2206fed1c0.jpg 2 x 4 ft up this end, 1x3 ft down the other

    Odessa barb
    Red, 1 of only 3 of my 105 fish that has a name, any time I'm near the tank he comes and says hi
    Forktail rainbow

    I know I've already posted a boesy but sitting in front of the tank trying to take pics of the torpedo barbs, this guy will not get out of the way
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  14. lunchValued MemberMember

    So, from bowl to tank is my story, here's the bowl 9314d3287077d415cae933997744852c.jpg (it's currently a terrarium)
    Took me a year to progress from goldfish killer to fish keeper, this tank is 2 years old and sitting in front of it is still my favourite place in the house..
  15. bermese2002Well Known MemberMember

    It's incredible!! I love the idea with the suction cups, I might have to try that, which plants did you do it with?

    Also I love that forktail rainbow
  16. lunchValued MemberMember

    95% is Java fern, there's 3 that are something different, they came from a lfs in a bag of moss, not sure what they are fb3fa514c96848bc45ea7f88a5ad2d2d.jpg this is the best shot I can get of it without getting wet, it's got a rhizome and root system very similar to java fern..
    yeah the forktails are cool, in 3 years I've only seen them for sale 1ce, were quite expensive, I'm trying to get a shot of the Celebes, he's pretty good too, especially when he's showing off for the ladies
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  17. lunchValued MemberMember

    Turns out that plant is just narrow leaf Java fern
  18. jakefosterValued MemberMember

    haha. i was looking at that pic and all i could see was java! theres a few different leaf types of java fern
  19. lunchValued MemberMember

    I was watching the fish this morning and noticed that some of the java fern was a little too wild and was taking up valuable swimming space, given that there's over 100 fish in here, something needed to be done, so I did the rounds, first I went to a not so lfs for some brine shrimp, 30 minute drive each way but the quality is well worth it, while I was there I also got + 2 praecox rainbows, then back to my very lfs , 5 minutes from home and bought supplies for the upcoming harvest 4af49d15d455175ae848cfee147200e9.jpg
    The source 612fd9b3a0a35c26a141eaf7c37f2cda.jpg

    The harvest 4135ddb55cbf9e5dac87118305eceb47.jpg902a53692cd0c8d1b525963b13920d38.jpg
    Prepared and waiting d40dca9b5efa5fa4aec0e3ff5aef19c9.jpg planted ( suction cupped to the glass ) 4f25f68b341e9d4f1d1c712faf7040a5.jpg after 4b434d2c080aed38457fc6dfd0969bc5.jpg took about 20 minutes so I acclimatised the new praecox at the same time and all is good, I got 11 new ferns, got to fill in some more of the edges of the tank and it only cost me $7.50 and the fish now have 3 times the space to swim.... I think I have about 2 more good harvests worth of realestate then I'm going to have to start throwing the new growths out..

    Only just realised how much more light gets through now that the monster fern has been trimmed, it's very good, I also added a few more rummys and harlequins
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  20. KingDFishlore VIPMember

    Just read this entire thread and I love the story! Your tank looks amazing! That's a great idea with building a java fern wall basically haha. I wish I could get my java fern to grow that thick and lush

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