From 5 Gallons To 55, In Need Of Advice And Tank Mate Ideas!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by thefishboi, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. thefishboi

    thefishboiNew MemberMember

    So today I am buying a 55 gallon tank. This is a big expansion from 5 to 55 gallons. I'm still a beginner, which is why I'm asking for advice. Currently. I have 2 female silver mollies and 1 tiger barb. I'm giving away the tiger barb. As for the mollies, one is pregnant, so I probably won't be buying any more mollies since I'll have babies and all. So far, I was thinking getting guppies since live bearers do nice with each other. Would all male guppies bully each other? Or should I have mostly female guppies and a couple males? Not only that, but what are some good algae eating fish? I've heard plecos are good, but they get huge, and I'm not sure if 55 gallons is large enough for one. I was also thinking maybe an angelfish, but only if I don't get a pleco because I don't wanna overcrowd the tank. I've heard of angelfish getting along with guppies and mollies if you have space. I don't think angelfish like salt, but I literally only put like a couple pieces of aquarium salt in the tank. Are mollies okay with no salt? Is there any advice I could use since I'm expanding to a large tank? I'm currently saving up for an automatic siphon
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    BottomDwellerFishlore VIPMember

    Do you mind the fish breeding?

    3 or more females for every male guppy would be best but they will breed.

    You don't need any algae eating fish but nerite snails are some of the best algae eaters.

    Different types of plecos get to different sizes. Common plecos get to 2 feet long and don't eat much algae but bristlenose plecos stay small (around 6") and are good algae eaters though you still need to feed them.

    Angels prefer warmer water to the mollies and guppies.

    Mollies don't need salt.
  3. Biev

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    Male guppies get along with each other just fine. They can interbreed with mollies, however. The more we know about your water, the easier it will be for to make suggestions. GH/KH/pH if you know them, what kind of filtration this new tank has, what kind of lighting, what kind of substrate, whether you plan on adding plants etc... It's best to go with species that will thrive in the setup you already have, with minimal adjustments to your water : )

    By the way, you're going to have a lot of mollies eventually, so you also need to think about what you'll do with the excess!
  4. ChichLove79

    ChichLove79Valued MemberMember

    Depends on where your shopping. Some of the big chain stores have been carrying bristle nose plecos, which you could do in a 55. Here's a few that don't turn into a baby dinosaur.
    - Clown pleco
    - rubber lip pleco
    - gold nugget pleco
    There's actually a bunch, some are really expensive though, like the Zebra
    pleco. I have no idea why pet stores carry those pleo's that get huge, maybe they're easy to breed.

    Another word of advice, when it comes to filtration, do it once and do it right. If you want to stock that tank heavy get a powerful filter.

    Happy fish keeping.

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