Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by jmoneyisback, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. jmoneyisback Valued Member Member

    Good for a 29 gallon?

  2. AquaticBrandon Well Known Member Member

    Yeah it's good. It's also a good floating plant :)

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  3. LiterallyHydro Well Known Member Member

    I love frogbit, but if you don't like roots hanging down from the top of the tank, don't do it.
  4. jmoneyisback Valued Member Member

    How long do the roots get? And can they be trimmed?
  5. AquaticBrandon Well Known Member Member

    Hmmm not sure on that. But I read that the length of roots is fert related. If there's plenty of nutrients in the tank the roots stay short. If the tank doesn't have many nutrients, the frogbit will grow long roots to look for those nutrients.

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  6. jmoneyisback Valued Member Member

  7. Dolfan Fishlore VIP Member

    AquaticBrandon is correct about the roots growing longer when they are "looking" for nutrients. It's not an issue though, as you can trim the roots easily with no issues. Just trim them to 1-2 inches long, and you are good to go. They will grow back and then trim again as needed.

    Also, frogbit does well in just about any tank. One thing that it doesn't do well with, is a lot of surface movement. It prefers to settle in a still corner. You can use some airline tubing or even fishing line to corral it into a corner if needed.
  8. jmoneyisback Valued Member Member

    Thanks. The way the current in my tank runs, the frogbit would end being in the corner I want it in anyway. Appreciate the info.

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