Frogbit Submersible?


I know frogbit is considered a floating plant. but do you think it would be possible to plant it under water as a foreground plant?

Might be silly..

but thanks!


Maybe. Typically floating plants have high co2 demands so you would need to make sure there was plenty of co2 & enough light for it to grow. Anchoring it in the substrate would be an issue to. I doubt it would spread out very well either.

For a similar look I suggest Water Clover (Marsilea Hirsuta) as being a much better option.
Here's some info on it:



Since many floating plants have really short water roots I'm not sure they could take up the nutrients they need . they would also be hard to keep in the substrate.
Nutters suggestion for a substitute is excellent.


When my HOB filter gets one under the water line and it gets caught on decore its leaves begin to turn brown.
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Thanks for the suggestion everyone. This stuff grows like weeds so I might just try putting one bunch of it down there and see how it fairs after a couple of days.

Thanks again.

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