Friendly Bala sharks


HI kayleigh. Balas are beautiful, but they belong in a group of at least 3, and get HUGE. A 45 gallon tank isn't going to be big enough. Do you have plans to upgrade?


indeed he will if he can catch them but they are gentle giants for sure ....they also like to be in larger schools of 3 or more and he will break the tank hes in now they can ram the side of a tank from being so skittish and in the 48g tank, hes going to outgrow that really fast ...but great fish otherwise!~

platy ben

Meenu is right, when your Bala reaches its max size of 15" or so (if given the space), it won't be such a great community fish. Your clown loach could also do with a bigger tank.

If you want to happily keep them, I would buy a 120G and buy 3-4 more clownfish and 2-3 more Balas.


sorry msybe I got the litres wrong, its a 4ft x 2ft tank is that til too small? But yes we do plan to upgrade to a 6ft tank


You probably got the litres right, actually. Your tank is pretty big, just not big enough for those particular fish. They are so readily available at the stores, and people buy them all the time not knowing how big they get.

There are a few species of fish that are known "tank-busters" because they can get so big that they are known to crack aquarium glass. Balas are definitely on that list.
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Thanks meenu, best I give my dad a little push into getting me my bigger tank sharpish then, maybe I will go to a 7ft tank. Thankfully Dad friend makes them, & any that are ordered & cancelled I am able to have rather cheaply, well very cheap as Dad gets them for me. we do also plan to get 3 more to keep him company.
So far (we have had him 3 months) he doesnot seem skittish, infact very peaceful, & has not attempted to ram tank but I will certainly keep it in mind. Thanks for your advice

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