Friend Or Foe ~ What Is This?

  1. GennyL Initiate Member

    Morning, I noticed this in my tank this morning on the driftwood. It looks like tissue bits from the outside. I have no background on the driftwood as it came with rescued tank. This one is a 30g with Black Flourite Sand, stones and 3 Marimo. No "live" creatures yet. 6 weeks into cycling and my 7/12 reads were....
    pH 7.6 ~ H pH ~ 8.0
    Ammo 0 ~ Trites 0 ~ Trates 10

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  2. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    It looks like the driftwood is growing fungus. You can easily prevent it by boiling the wood.

  3. GennyL Initiate Member

    Too big to fit in any pot short of wash tub & wood fire....nah. Rock Garden it goes, now the question is.....will it effect the tank? If so what do I do?
  4. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    The fish could get fungus. I would just pour boiling water over the wood.

  5. GennyL Initiate Member

    Wood is out the door. I did what I could with it for 2 days prior to puting in tank. I'll buy new. I have a low tolerance for germs/mold/fungus. Any way to know ( or treat ) water that's in tank?
  6. goplecos Well Known Member Member