Fried ballast! Help

  1. pepetj

    pepetj Well Known Member Member

    I am using a remote electronic ballast for four 24W T5HO lamps. It literally fried at the AC input end. Only one side of the output was working at the time I dismantled everyting. I noticed something was wrong due to that particular smell of electrical stuff burning.

    Since it was designed to handle up to four 54W T5HO lamps I figured it would have a long life handling four 24W T5HO. I configured it carefully so I don't know what exactly happened but the City energy is far from stable so go figure (I lost two filters last week).

    I hope the distributor is open tomorrow (December 24th) and willing to replace it (I got it Sept 2nd, 2009) otherwise I would have to replace the T5HO lamps with T8NO (I have extra T8NO ballasts) until I can get a new one.

    Looks like I would need to protect my aquarium equipment with at least a surge protector device (believe it or not I have no electrical ground).

    Santo Domingo
  2. D

    David C Well Known Member Member

    I feel your pain dealing with dirty power. We lose a lot of expensive equipment at work because of it. We have started installing capacitors to help provide stable power during the surges. Seems like you know your way around electronics so you could probably get something like this to work. Just an idea.