Freshwater refugium

  1. Tiptonhudson

    Tiptonhudson Initiate Member

    Does any one have experience with setting up a freshwater refugium for a planted tank. I have seen the videos on some doing so with the " miracle mud" but I was looking for real proof that this works.

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  2. r

    risho Initiate Member

    I've been around fresh water tanks all my life, growing up, my older brother had a 300 liter tank, I had smaller tanks on and off as an adult. Now I'm passing the passion down to my children.

    I've never heard of fresh water refugium and I think it's a gimmick. Here is why: Refugiums are mostly used with salt water tanks a means of biological filtration since many fish are herbivores and would eat all of your plants in no time. Salt water life is more sensitive to environmental changes than fresh water life.

    If you examine where fresh water fish come from, you'll find out that they come from streams and lakes of tropical Africa, America and Asia. These environments are full of plants. If you have a planted fish tank and have gone through the nitrogen cycle and have adequate filtration, you can go virtually years without a water change.

    I guess, I should have asked at the beginning why would you want a fresh water refugium?

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  3. Flowingfins

    Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    I'll have to disagree with you risho.
    Certain species of fish will eat plants(chiclids come to mind), so most chiclid tanks can't have the benefits of a planted tank. Growing nitrate absorbing plants in a refugium, especially in tanks that have high nitrates naturally, could be a huge benefit. There is also the aspect of having a certain theme for a tank that doesn't include live plants but still wanting their benefits. You wouldn't have to worry about trimming and plant placement, and lighting would certainly be cheaper than having to buy certain lights for the whole tank. You should be doing weekly water changes regardless of if the tank is established. You have to replenish the minerals in the water that are necessary for the fish.