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Soo I have two Zebra Nerites in my tank. They don't seem to like me one bit. Especially one. He, assuming it's a he, gets quite upset if I do a waterchange and refuses to move for a day or so. He wouldn't move for a week after I bought him. His partner, assuming it's a girl, isn't so moody. Anyway today I was checking up on my 2 day old Mystery Snail babies in the tank and I found one baby that looked rather odd. It didn't have a distinguished head and was very 'flat' looking. It also moves with a ripple of sorts. Like it doesn't seem to glide like Mysteries but the foot actually moves like a ripple on a pond.Well I compared it to my nerite snail, which was conveniently up on the wall of the tank at the time, and they match. So I'm assuming this is a baby nerite. I found 2 more of them. Problem is, I thought Nerites only bred in brackishwater. I mean I know they can lay eggs in freshwater but I've never heard of them hatching and producing nerite babies in freshwater. I've seen the nerite's eggs on my driftwood but I just assumed my plecos ate them off. Apparently not. Not complaining though ;D. I'll try to get a decent picture. It's rather hard to focus on.

I have a spare 3 gallon so if I see anymore nerite eggs or these baby nerites on the sand I can move them to that and turn it into a brackish tank if needed.

Thoughts on the matter are welcome


Nerites breed in Salt or Brackish water, not freshwater.

I highly doubt that yours breed in freshwater. Probably just some kind of pond snail.
Unless you added aquarium salt recently, I doubt the nerites hatched. I did a lot of research, and found the it only takes a small amount of aquarium salt to have viable nerite eggs.
I'm positive it's not a pond snail. There isn't anywhere they could have come from. Bleach dipped everything before putting it in my tank and I haven't added anything new in a while.

Dena, I'm not sure. I didn't add any salt but the city water is supposed to have a small amount of salt in it. Or it could be that my buckets had some salt in them because I was transporting pea gravel in them which had some salt in it. I tried to rinse out the buckets, maybe I didn't get it all.

Yeah they are still around! Definitely nerite. Very characteristic nerite movement and body shape. I only see one or two at a time but I saw my nerites mating again last night so maybe I'll get more. What's really interesting though is that one of my nerites has a black foot and the other has a very light brown to cream foot. I thought that was cool lol.


I'm so jealous. I love nerites. Are nerites hermaphroditic or like mystery snails and have set genders?
I'm actually not positive. I believe they are but I've never done much research into their mating ect because rearing the babies is supposedly difficult.


By now I imagine you can tell if they are nerites or pond snails for sure, right? If so, which is it?
Oops! I thought I had posted pictures of the think but apparently I didn't. I'm not positive what it is. It is looking like a moving barnicle lol. Just kinda like a lump. Moves and acts like a nerite but shell shape seems wrong. Definitely not a pond snail. I have three in the snail tank and probably another 5 in the big tank.
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huh, that is weird.. my guess would be just some type of unusual snail that isn't written about as often because it's, well, unusual. If it does any real damage, let us know..
That looks a bit like the freshwater limpets I have in my tanks but it's way too big, at least of my understanding.
When I had one nerite it still laid eggs everywhere, not sure on the exact breeding process so take that for what you will. My nerites are a little moody too. They seem to take turns being active. For the longest while I could not find one of them during the day, now I can't find the other.

Those little things are weird but definitely not pond snails. I had a few pond snails in the past and their shells were pretty distinct even when they were tiny.
I agree with Elodea. It definitely looks like a freshwater limpet. They showed up in my tank a few months ago and from what I understand they are harmless.
That's exactly what they were!! For some reason I had a population explosion in them and a few got large enough to distinguish. Any way to get rid of them? I don't especially like white spots all over my glass.
From what I've read the only thing you can do is just squash the ones you find, but I don't think that would solve anything. There are far too many of them. The only other option is to remove their food source. I've had limpets for a while and they don't appear to be leaving anytime soon.

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