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Discussion in 'Welcome to FishLore' started by Bumblebee56, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Bumblebee56New MemberMember

    Hey everyone so jethros currently started his treatments monday june 24th. I previously tested levels and everything was good except ph which was 7.6 but people here said it's okay as long as it stays there and dosent change alot. This is my second day treating him with salt dip bath/melafix/primafix/salt in aquarium. I know some have concerns about the fix products I'm using read good and bad things about them but I already ordered them so I figured I'd try and see if it helps. Everything's good hes not acting wierd but I tested my aquarium today and my levels have changed. Do you guys know if this is affected by meds in tank. Ammonia is at 1pp . Ph still at 7.6. Nitrite is at 0. And nitrate at 5.
  2. wintermuteValued MemberMember

    1ppm of ammonia at ph of 7.6 is I think too high. Do you have some prime you could dose the tank with?

    I would normally suggest a water change, but if you are treating with other things then perhaps neutralizing the ammonia temporarily is a better option. Not sure.

  3. Momgoose56Well Known MemberMember

    Do a 50% water change and dose with Prime as @wintermute suggested. Keep ammonia less than 1ppm. Don't add salt to a bettas tank. Salt dips are fine for 3 or 4 treatments but salt is never a great idea as a permanent addition to a freshwater fishes tank.