Freshwater/Brackish Moray Eel issues....Petland fails me yet again.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by zechocolate, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. zechocolateValued MemberMember

    Headed to Petland to restock my dad's 26g tank..(don't get on my case there are no other stores around me)

    I saw this strange eel, so I inquired about it. Apparently it was labeled at "Freshwater Moray Eel" while being housed in a brackish tank( I knew this was strange to begin with) yet his fish label did not specify that it was brackish, it stated "Freshwater community" which is obviously total rubbish because these things will snap anything smaller's neck with ease.

    So before I ramble on any longer, I knew my tank needed some work to better suit his needs, but I bought the eel, because let's face it, he was going to die in that 10gallon petland tank regardless, especially hiding so good that a normal customer would not have noticed it.

    I housed him in my 125gallon (freshwater) with a very small and friendly 1Round Bodied Green Terror, an equally as small 2Pigmy Albino Polypterus Senegalus, (3+4)2 larger Upside down Catfish who don't bother anyone at all, and the biggest scum bag in my tank 5: a 4-5 inch Tiger Shovel Nose catfish. Some may think I'm overstocked but I'm obviously not going to keep all of these fish if they reach gigantic sizes lol, I enjoy raising them and then sending them off to new homes.

    NOW, onto the water.. my parameters are all fine OTHER THAN my dreaded magical has been on 6.0(caused by driftwood, not an unknown imbalance, I have been adding small bits of crushed coral each day in an attempt to slowly raise it to about 7) for I don't know how long and nothing has perished due to the pH level..So I decide not to mess with it and let my fish live as they were..No fin rot, no infections, no ich all was great..until....Mr Moray.

    Fluval 305's as filtration, active bubbler, driftwood + fake plants and one banana plant that grew lily pads.

    He's swimming nicely and creeping through his surroundings, yet I have not seen him eat and his head is turning a strange yellowish/brown color while his eyes are beginning to cloud. I saw him get bit by my TigerShovel(out of fear, the TS didn't prowl on him, just jolted and bit him as the eel approached)I just did a 40% water change and attempted to medicate him. I'll be going out to grab some marine salt shortly to raise the there ANYTHING ELSE I MUST DO TO SAVE HIM?!?!? I know I may seem foolish with this eel, but I promise I have saved fish from worse.

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  2. zechocolateValued MemberMember

    come on guys I need help..

  3. EiennaFishlore VIPMember

    You only gave people three hours. Normally they take longer to respond.
    What are you trying to feed him? Beyond that I wouldn't know what was wrong. I don't know a whole lot about eels.

    EDIT: Here, take a look at this article. It may have the answer to your problem.

  4. zechocolateValued MemberMember

    I only gave people one hour haha. I need results fast!

    I've only tried to feed him frozen blood worms, NLS+ pellets(the ones infused with garlic) and sinking granules(believe they contain shrimp among other things) , just foods that won't clog his insides up and kill him combined with the stress...

    I think he's going to be okay, it may be stress related, he wasn't so comfortable with the move and he put up a game of hide and seek before eventually accepting it. Now being in new water conditions he may be upset...Checking article
  5. EiennaFishlore VIPMember

    It doesn't look like you're giving him what an eel wants to eat.
  6. zechocolateValued MemberMember

    Obviously I can't feed him by hand yet, the thing probably hates me...I'll drop some ghost shrimp in and see if he snags any
  7. RogueAgent94Fishlore VIPMember

    Wait... you took him out of a brackish tank and put him in a FW tank with fish that can eat him. And now you want to add salt!? I'm seriously confused. Whatever you do, don't raise the salinity of your tank. It'll kill the rest of your fish.
  8. EiennaFishlore VIPMember

    +1 to above. I think you may have goofed there.
  9. zechocolateValued MemberMember

    He was in a "brackish" tank, labeled as a fresh water community fish, with African Butterflies (which I have kept in freshwater) so I seriously am irritated with the label on this fish..

    I figured I shouldn't add any salt, 6 casualties out weigh 1, I've just been reading a lot of people say to add salt...good thing I waited for a reply. I just figured the salinity may be crucial to his balance in the water, and adding a small amount may have helped. But I agree, no salt.

    And no, none of these fish can eat him lol, he's double the size of the TigerShovel, and the largest fish in my tank!! It only bit because the eel fully charged across the tank and scared the out of him. Biting is not eating.

    I'm just worried about the discoloration on the Eel now. I don't think the water should be a problem unless it's the pH which I am attempting to raise correctly little by little, day by day...the fool in the store tried to sell me pH UP with the eel...LOL..

    His face has become a bit discolored from his normal reddish brown to a yellowish/greyish/brown and he is standing on his tail a bit unusually, he isn't flopped over he is strong enough to swim freely and keep himself balanced....It cannot be Amo burn because I had the water tested the day of purchasing him. 0 Amo. was reported...

    would you guys like a picture?
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  10. zechocolateValued MemberMember

    Well he's going back to the store now, I hope they're able to take care of him. I won't be home for christmas so I can't have a corpse in the tank :(
  11. RogueAgent94Fishlore VIPMember

    I'm glad you are taking him back. That's the best thing to do right now.

    Just on a side note, just because a fish is larger than your shovelnose doesn't mean he can't eat it. Catfish are notorious for trying to eat things larger than them. And they usually succeed.
  12. zechocolateValued MemberMember

    AND NOW I clearly see this catfish for the total scum he is...the eel was definitely hurt by the cat, as last night, I witnessed mr stupid shovel face severely injure his tank mate OF ALMOST A YEAR...he didn't survive :/

    My baby senegalus(not a baby, just stunted), nemo... :'( I had saved him from dying about 5 times...including in his original tank in the store...He survived an arowana chomp in petland, then had a jack dempsey rip his arms off(one grew back), a 10 day power outage in freezing cold water(hurricane sandy survivor!), recovered from a spinal issue /bacterial imbalance in his intestines due to the original arowana bite and after all of that...... THIS CATFISH was the one to end him, he injured Nemo's tail and ribs and then had the nerve to swim up and nip him while I was watching! I tried to bring the little guy to the medical tank and keep him alive..he only made it a few more hours.. :'( he has been buried with the Gods in the yard. I won't be adding any more squirmy critters into tanks with catfish in the future.
  13. RogueAgent94Fishlore VIPMember

    :( I'm sorry to hear that. But that is the catfish's natural instinct.
  14. EiennaFishlore VIPMember


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