fresh water puffers


does anyone know about fresh water puffer fish? I know they are brackish, but my boyfriend is thinking of getting a couple, but he hasn't found too much information about them during the google searches.


I believe they are basically species only fish because they will eat your other fish one bite at a time. They need snails as part of their regular diet (not malaysian trumpet snails) to keep their teeth worn down. Otherwise you will have to cut them yourself (they continue to grow). Here's some sites I found to get you started. Just google freshwater puffers for more information:


There are some Freshwater puffers, brackish, and SW, you just have to extensively research them, and like Gunnie said they are best kept as species only tanks.


you can keep f8 puffers together sometimes. But they are brackish water fish they like a sg of around 1.005. I know people keep dwarf puffers together and they are fresh water. The most important thing to know is that these fish all have diffrent temperments and requirements. And they must be feed snails to keep there teeth from overgrowing, so they can eat and not starve. The best snails I have found are pond snails and most fish stores will give you them for free as they hitchhike on plants. Here is a great forum just on puffers, you will get all the answers you need there.

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