Fresh Water Planted Aquarium

  1. Bhavesh.malekar Initiate Member

    I am just a beginner in freshwater planted aaquarium my tank size is 1 foot 25 cms.. i have just set the tank yesterday. I have uesd ada Amazon soil ada super 4. And my local fish seller told me to give liquid co2. Need some ideas how to maintain it well.
  2. Sacksteder kid Member Member

    How many gallons and what fish are you keeping.
  3. sloughdog Member Member

    Lighting will also determine what kinds of plants you can grow. What lighting are you using and what is the light rated (kelvin)?
  4. Bhavesh.malekar Initiate Member

    Light is rated 6500 k
  5. Bhavesh.malekar Initiate Member

    And tanks size is 1feet 25 cms. Don't know how much gallons it takes.
  6. Sacksteder kid Member Member

    Get another opinion but I think that's pretty bright. I don't only need the length of one side I need the length of all three sides (length, height, depth) to calculate volume. I might be able to do that for you when I go to university though.
  7. sloughdog Member Member

    6500k would be the correct color temperature or the appearance of the light visually.

    2-5watts per gallon for a planted tank is generally the standard for lighting strength or intensity.

  8. Jocelyn Adelman Fishlore VIP Member

    Be sure to do frequent water changes when first filled with the Ada substrate.
  9. Bhavesh.malekar Initiate Member

  10. Bhavesh.malekar Initiate Member

    How many times in a week i have to change the water.