Fresh Water Fish & Plant Care Book


Need recommendation for the above titled book. I would like a book that gives me more information then pictures on fresh water fish and plant requirements. No salt water please. the book should list all parameters to keep tank inhabitants happy.


Nnfortunately, there is no book that lists all possible fresh water tank inhabitants. While i've never heard of a book with the same title as your thread title, I have found the Complete Book of the Freshwater Aquarium by Vincent B. Hargreaves to be very helpful in my research. It does not, however, include all species, and I do find myself looking things up online.

As for tank parameters, there are many parameters that won't be listed simply because they are common to most fish; for example an individual fish profile won't tell you to keep your nitrates below 40ppm, that's something that you'd get from a beginner's general aquarium book.

Keep in mind that once a book is published, that's it. All the information inside was accurate when it was published, but as people learn more about different varieties of fish, you wouldn't have access to that information except through the internet. Because of this, it's always best never to assume that your favorite aquarium book isn't always 100% right 100% of the time. You never know when somebody's going to discover something new about your favorite type of fish.

If you want to get all your information from books, and none from the internet, you're probably looking at purchasing several books, at least; researching fish is just like researching any other topic. One resource is rarely enough.
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I'll check that book out.

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