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Freezing Dry Fish Foods

Discussion in 'Fish Food' started by Elkwatcher, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Elkwatcher Valued Member Member

    Tried the search in case this question has been asked before with no results. I've accumulated a fair variety of fish food, pellets, flakes, bites, tabs and am aware that once opened oxygen deteriorates the product. Do any fish keepers freeze the larger quantity and keep smaller containers that they fill as needed? Thinking opening the frozen stored containers less often would keep the food fresher and keep nutrients?
    What are your thoughts members?

    In the future I think I am going to buy smaller portions more often.
  2. Crazycoryfishlady Well Known Member Member

    I knkw that my lfs takes those big tubs of fish flakes and hands them out in smaller portions to customers who bring in used containers.
    So they have this big bucket of excess flake they get in, and customers bring in small containers they bought at the store, and get them filled back up for a fraction of the price, so the big storage tub doesn't get opened as often as theirs do.
    A big bucket and a small jar...
    Small jar for daily use big bucket for refills..

    I'm sure you could freeze it if you wanted, but freezing things like pellets may also make them appear more stale as well, since freezing and thawing moisture in a product also deteriorates the integrity of the product.
    I've started to seperate my frozen foods that I make into smaller portions so that I only use one pouch per 3 feedings instead of per 10 or so.
    This way the others stay unopened until I need them.
    If you want to really try to keep it fresh, package each feeding seperately or in sets of two, so you only open each package twice.
    Since I have so many tanks I can take one pack and use it in one go since it's multiple portions, but a single one for multiple tanks.
    You could also get a food saver if you get large portions, I have one that has these little mini bags, so I'd put a 3 part meal in each pouch, use the foodsaver seal on them, and then I'd have a 10 pack of 3 part meals or whatever.
    If any of that makes sense... Lol
    To dumb it down a but more...
    Prepare it all at once, and package it all at once, but in ready to use single serve (or two serving) portions.
    It's all interchangable and up to you... Lol
  3. Elkwatcher Valued Member Member

    Thank you Crazycoryfishlad, I do have a food saver and will put it to use.
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