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  1. tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    Ok. Who wants my 3rd flamingo crypt? Ashenwelt gets the 2nd.
    I will come up with a fun game for this!
  2. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    May I? I believe I have a fun use for it in my new nano I'm setting up :)

    Hunger games maybe? I do archery... would I be tribute 12?

  3. tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    There ya go! You are 2nd in line. All you had to do was ask!! Ha

    Getting color and acclimating. Melted back a bit, but I have confidence in my setup. 8b314bb6e241e487a50f1d0c5d366d85.jpg d4a2d875a026e0ddcfde1ab0d1fa4d7f.jpg
  4. boate1997 Member Member

    Is this still available

  5. tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    It will be once it propagates.
  6. Kzibell086 Member Member

    Any chance I can get on a waiting list? Iv always wanted one
  7. tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member



  8. Fishpuns Member Member

    Add me to the list please :) I've never found one before
  9. McSeb Member Member

    What is that? Sorry new here but i want one
  10. tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    Flamingo crypt. Not grown in wild. Not growing all that fast. Lol. Adding 3 more to my 29g.

  11. vikingkirken Well Known Member Member

    I have a big pink flamingo statue on my front lawn! Am I a crazy enough flamingo fan to make the list?? :D I already know the perfect spot for it in my sort-of-Dutch tank!
  12. McSeb Member Member

    Sounds pretty cool and interesting. I have a 20 gallon tank fresh water do you think if I were to get one would it survive or do you have any suggestions or any advice
  13. tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    Depends on lighting, substrate, co2, excel use, etc. It is not a beginner plant for sure. I would say it is moderate plus. If it were a steak it would be cooked medium+

    Likes higher light. More pink comes with more light. Also needs a nutrient rich substrate and maybe a root tab or 2 or 3. Crypts are HEAVY root feeders.
  14. McSeb Member Member

    Ok thank you so much!
  15. tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    No prob. Would recommend a light like a 30" finnex 24/7 planted plus. Walmart has good deals on complete substrate....I love eco comp, Seachem Excel for co2 supplementation, and some osmocote or seachem flourish root tabs. That is only the case if this is your most difficult plant.
    My 29. All of the above(light and 1 bag eco comp)....except injected co2.
  16. McSeb Member Member

    Hey listen thank you so much I appreciate the help and you taking the time to help me out. I will be honest I have never heard of any of these things until now so I need to do my research
  17. tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    Thats why you are here! Just google the products.

    More than happy to help!
  18. McSeb Member Member

    Thanks so much again this means a lot to me
  19. awsd Member Member

    Really nice tank!!Like it!
    But too far from you!
  20. IcedColdMine Well Known Member Member

    I wanna join in on the fun add me lol.