Free Shipping - Great Deals - Check it out

  1. dahly Member Member

    Team Fishlore,

    While browsing the web I came upon this:

    Big Al's still has 5 more days of free shipping for all but the "heavy weight" items (like substrates). The free shipping will expire before next Wednesday, Dec. 5, so make those orders now!

    Check out the "web busters"...all 4 lengths of Pythons are ridiculously cheap, pints and gallons of dechlorinator, ounces and pounds of flakes and pellets.

    An early Merry Christmas!
  2. dano569 Member Member

    has anyone bought stuff from there?they have some stuff cheap :eek:
  3. dahly Member Member

    I have, and know many who have also. It's a good outfit!
  4. dano569 Member Member

    do you have to have a credit card or can you pay a different way?
  5. dahly Member Member

    Yes and Yes. Look at the site and it "Tells All." ;D
  6. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Excellent! I had posted when they had the special last week, but didn't know they extended it! Thanks for the heads up! ;)
  7. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    It's been extended again until Monday, 12/5/05 at midnight!  Woo hoo!  I have ordered from them before and was very satisfied!  If you are thinking about buying a canister filter, now is the time!  You can get a Filstar XP3 for $99.99 and free shipping!  What a great buy!