**FREE Presentation** A Microscopic View of Aquarium Life - GSAS


**FREE Presentation** A Microscopic View of Aquarium Life - GSAS

or our first meeting of the 2015-2015 season, we are pleased to present our own Steev Ward, who will be giving a talk called A Microscopic View of Aquarium Life.

Steev writes: This talk covers the smallest flora and fauna of the aquarium - pets, pests, parasites, and food organisms. It’s a collection of photographs I’ve taken over the years since digital cameras became affordable. If you’ve wonder what stuff is called or what something looks like you’ll find this talk interesting, maybe helpful. You might even pick up a few tips to aid in your own close-up explorations.

Steev has been with GSAS since the beginning; he is the infamous "member #3" at the auctions. He has been doing the club newsletter for years, and before that was a regular contributor to Northwest Aquaria for decades. Steev has also given several presentations to the club on his extensive experience with fish health.

The presentation will be Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 at 7:30 PM at Seattle Pacific University; Otto Miller Hall; Room 109; West Nickerson Street and 3rd Avenue West.

Doors will open about 6:30 PM for a 'social hour'; the meeting will start at 7:30 PM.

After the meeting please join us for our monthly auction and help to support the club that brings us all our these outstanding speakers.

Guests are welcome; no entrance fee

Family friendly but no childcare provided
Free parking, accessible building
No furry or feathered pets
Go to GSAS.org for more information and directions

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It sounds interesting, Roy. Will you be attending?


HI shayla1,

Absolutely! I enjoy all of our club meetings....do you have an aquarium club up there in Nova Scotia?


HI All,

Our first meeting of the 2015 -16 season is Tuesday evening; hope to see you there!

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